If you are like me, nearly one third of your grocery budget goes towards meat products that make up the bulk of your meals. Meat can be costly, and a few pounds in the cart add up quickly. I thought paying full price for meat was the only way to get the best quality and never devoted much time to finding coupons for it. Each week when I organized my coupon file, the meat section would always be the thinnest, loneliest section in the file. Upon doing a little research, I found that meat companies are also looking to promote their products with coupons and special savings!

Take a few minutes and make yourself familiar with some of the meat companies that are offering perks for consumers. Check out the following websites for money saving offers that are sure to knock some serious bucks off your weekly grocery bill!

1. Hormel– Offers a mailing list as well as printable coupons, including $0.50/1 Natural Choice Lunch Meat and $1/1 Refrigerated Entree (includes roast beef, pork, and more!)

2. Hillshire Farms– Offers a mailing list as well as printable coupons, although none is posted at this time. I have emailed them requesting coupons, and they have sent me several $0.55/1 Smoked Sausage coupons.

3. Coleman Natural– Offers a monthly newsletter and an online survey for five $1/1 product coupons.

4. Butterball Turkey– Offers a mailing list, and the website often runs rebate promotions. I emailed them for coupons and they sent me several $2/1 whole turkey coupons, which I do not see too often! They also included several $0.55/1 lunch meat coupons.

5. Gold n Plump– Request a coupon for $1/1 Easy Bake Chicken item on their site. I believe they give you the option to print or have it sent.

6. Laura’s Lean Beef– Offers a free newsletter. Sign up and you can print a $1/1 any product coupon.

7. Pilgrims Pride– Offers a mailing list and a printable $1/1 any frozen chicken item.

8. Bob Evans– Offers a mailing list that includes over $65 in coupon offers each year!

9. Insernio’s Chicken Sausage– “Like” them on Facebook to print a $1/1 coupon good on their excellent chicken sausage.

10. Johnsonville– Offers a mailing list and printable coupons including $0.55/1 pork or chicken sausage.

11. Tyson– “Like” them on Facebook and print a $2/2 lbs Tyson Anytimes Frozen Chicken product.

12. KC Masterpiece– Email them for coupons, as they sometimes offer $2 off ribs coupons with the purchase of KC Masterpiece sauce! Go to their website for more information.

13. Oscar Mayer– Offers a mailing list for coupons. I emailed them requesting coupons and was mailed about $3 in savings.

14. Al Fresco
– Offers a mailing list and a $1/1 printable coupon.

15. Bar-S– Offers a mailing list and printable coupons for lunch meat and hot dogs when you register on their site.

16. Farm Land– Offers a mailing list that includes coupons. Also email them for coupons and recieive $5 in savings via mail.

17. MorningStar Farms– Offers a mailing list for info and coupons on their vegetarian meat products. They will also send a coupon booklet of $1/1 and $2/2 MorningStar products.

18. Target Stores– Target is well known for offering meat coupons on their website. This includes fresh meat cuts, lunch meats and more! Check back weekly for the most current selection.

19. Applegate Farms– Offers a newsletter and printable coupons including a $1/2 organic sausage.

20. Hatfield Quality Meats– Offers a free newsletter that includes coupons. Also I emailed them and requested coupons and received about $4 in savings via mail.

21. Smithfield
– Endorsed by Paula Dean, this company offers coupons if you email them complimenting their products. They sent me $2 in savings.

22. Harvestland Chicken– Email them complimenting their products to receive coupons via mail. They sent me $4 in various savings.

23. Food Lion– Food Lion grocers often offer meat coupons good on their deli and fresh meat products. Check their site often for the most recent coupons available.

24. Pam Cooking Spray– Pam offers coupons for cents off produce or fresh meat when you buy their spray. Check their website for future offers or email them to request any coupons they have available.

25. Jimmy Dean– Offers a mailing list as well as a coupon for $1/1 Jimmy Dean Grilling Essentials.

Extra Tip: Don’t forget to check sites like Coupons.com for additional savings, as they often offer coupons for meat products each month.

Aside from coupons, these sites also offer recipes, helpful cooking tips, community forums, and even product locators to help you find their product in your area. It only takes a few minutes to enroll yourself in their newsletter offers, which will ensure you are up to date on all future coupon offerings!

With all of these great coupon offers, you might just save enough money to buy that deep freezer you have been wanting! Then you would really be able to add to your meat stockpile!  Why keep telling yourself you have to pay full price for meat? There are plenty of coupons out there just waiting to find a home in your coupon organizer.

This has been a guest post by Katie from South Bend, IN
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