Welcome to the fresh, new version of TheKrazyCouponLady.com!  We’ve made a few improvements to our site that you should know about!  Please notice the following new features!  I feel like the recording on the telephone, “Please listen before you select from the following options, as our menu has changed.”  🙂

Print Coupons

Find our trusted Printable Coupon Database along with a NEW Newspaper Coupon and eCoupon Database for your convenience!

Extreme Couponing

You’ve asked for it, and we’ve listened!  On the Extreme Couponing page, you will see only the deals at grocery and drugstores nationwide (without any of the retail deals), online freebies, and money-saving articles.  You’re welcome.

NEW! Finance Page

One of our five new categories!  Get budgeting advice, read tips for teaching your children about money, and learn how to earn extra income from home!

NEW! At Home Page

One of our five new categories!  Learn to deck your halls for less with our knockout knockoffs and read money-saving tips on everything from making your own household cleaners to planting a garden!

NEW! Family Page

One of our five new categories!  On the family page, you’ll find all the deals to keep your little ones fed like kings, dressed to the nines, and entertained–all on a shoestring budget.

NEW!  Style Page

One of our five new categories!  Have your friends wondering, ‘how she does it’ when you follow the fashion, beauty and healthy living tips that’ll have you looking like a million bucks at a fraction of the price.

NEW!  Travel Page

One of our five new categories!  We know many of you seek out couponing to save for the family vacation!  So we’re helping you stretch your hard-earned travel dollars farther than ever before!

NEW!  Blog

All this change made you feel like crawling into a corner and curling up in the fetal position?  We know that change can be a hassle, so click ‘blog’ to view what is, essentially, the ‘old version’ of the site.  Hey, if you want, you can even bookmark this blog page and ignore the changes until you’re ready.  Now, relax.  Breath slowly.  It’s going to be okay.

The Brag Lounge

We’ve been diligently working on a solution that will bring you a better, safer Brag Lounge, and we’re rolling it out with this new site!  Picture uploads should be working like a charm shortly. (We’re experiencing one last hurdle.) Find the new home for the Brag Lounge at the bottom of the page.

Even though much of the site appears to be new, the information is the same.  We’ll publish the same kinds of great content today that we have every day for the past four years.  This new site simply sorts the posts in a way that keeps things more tidy!  Now when you visit TheKrazyCouponLady.com, you get to choose what to read.  Before, it was like we took you to lunch, ordered everything on the menu and dumped it in your lap.  Now you can skip the Calamari and go straight to the hot artichoke dip–if you know what I mean. . .


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