Does Barnes & Noble Price Match?


Lots of stores will price match their competitors. But Barnes and Noble isn't one of them.

Luckily, there are ways to work with the return policy and multiple options for free shipping to ensure you're getting the most competitive pricing from the book retailer in the first place.

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Does Barnes & Noble price match?

No, Barnes & Noble doesn't offer price matching.

Does Barnes & Noble match online prices?

No, Barnes & Noble stores will not match prices from

Why is Barnes & Noble more expensive in store?

Barnes & Noble Books

You might notice that a lot of items are cheaper on the Barnes & Noble website than they are in store, which can make it all the more frustrating that they don't price match their own website.

There are a couple factors to take into consideration. First, when you order online, your book is coming straight from the warehouse, and you are paying for shipping. When you shop in-store, Barnes & Noble has to pay to ship those books from the warehouse to the store location. They also have to pay for real estate, staff and all the other expenses of maintaining a physical location. So you end up with slightly more expensive products.

How do I get free shipping from

A person taking a stack of two boxes off of a front porch.

It's great that the book is cheaper online. But when you add in shipping costs, it might end up costing you the same amount or even more than if you bought it in-store.

There are ways to get free shipping from, though. The first option is placing an order of $40 or more – before taxes.This only works if you choose the standard shipping option.

Another way to get free shipping is to pay $25 for an annual Barnes & Noble membership. Depending on how much you shop there, it can be worth it. On top of free shipping, other benefits include:

  • 40% off hardcover bestsellers in-store.

  • 10% off everything else in-store.

  • Birthday coupon.

  • Early access to sales.

  • Access to exclusive member-only sales.

You can get more details on the Barnes & Noble membership program here.

Does Barnes & Noble College price match?

Hand pulling out a college lab manual on a Barnes & Noble shelf

BarnesNo, Barnes & Noble College locations do not price match, either.

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Does Barnes & Noble offer price adjustments?

No, Barnes & Noble does not offer price adjustments. However, it does offer a fair pricing guarantee.

That means that if you buy a book at an advertised price, but you are charged more on your receipt, you can bring it back to the store for a refund in the difference in price.

This only happens if there's an error at checkout, though. You can't purchase at a higher price, see it on sale a couple weeks later, and ask for a price adjustment. That won't fly.

What is Barnes & Noble's return policy?

Let's say you purchase a book at Barnes & Noble for $24.99. The next week you see it on sale for $18.99.

The Barnes & Noble return policy is 30 days. Technically, you could return the book for a $24.99 refund, though that refund may take a few days to be returned to your credit or debit card. Then, you could purchase the book anew at the current $18.99 sale price.

So while there's no price adjustment policy, you can work the return policy in your favor.

TIP: You will need your original receipt in order for this strategy to work. You can't make any returns at Barnes & Noble without a receipt.

Does Amazon price match Barnes & Noble?


No, Amazon doesn't price match Barnes & Noble. Or anyone else.

Amazon also doesn't own Barnes & Noble, though it is commonly blamed for the demise of many other bookstores with a physical footprint around the country.

Does Target price match Barnes & Noble?

Yes, Target price matches Barnes & Noble. Plus, if you're a Target RedCard holder, you'll get an additional 5% off.

Does Kohl's price match Barnes & Noble?

Hand holding Disney 5 minute stories books in a Kohl's store

Yes, Kohl's price matches Barnes & Noble in most cases. If you're shopping in-store, Kohl's will not match prices listed on Barnes & Noble's website. They'll only match the Barnes & Noble in-store prices.

Kohl's does have some brand-name exceptions when it comes to things like electronics. But if you're only looking at books, the price matching policy should be in full force.

Does Hobby Lobby price match Barnes & Noble?

Yes, Hobby Lobby will price match Barnes & Noble. But won't.

Does Macy's price match Barnes & Noble?

Macy's actually sells Barnes & Noble products directly. If you find a lower price on Barnes & Noble's website, Macy's may honor it. But it will not match Barnes & Noble in-store pricing.

Does Office Max price match Barnes & Noble?

Yes, Office Max will price match Barnes & Noble.

Does Staples price match Barnes & Noble?

Yes, Staples will price match Barnes & Noble. You can't get price matching when you're shopping on, though. It's only offered if you're shopping in-store.