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Is GameStop still open?

Yes, GameStop is still open. In fact, its stock is still sitting dramatically higher than it was before the meme stock rally in 2020/2021. That said, the company has closed over 1,000 stores over the past couple of years as its new board members think the company will be more viable if it switches more of its business operations online.

How does GameStop trade-in work?

Before you trade-in a game at GameStop, you’ll want to check the amount you’ll get on GameStop’s website or app. Then, make sure you head to a store that actually offers GameStop trade-in. Once you’ve completed the deal, that’s it. No take-backs.

Does GameStop price match with their competitors?

Yes. While there is no official GameStop price match policy, the company has made it clear on its social media accounts that they will price match online as long as it’s the same exact product – and that it’s sold by a retailer and not a third-party seller. For example, they’ll price match Amazon as long as the item is shipped and sold by Amazon directly.

In-person, the price matching policy will depend on the individual store manager’s policies.

Does GameStop have a Black Friday sale?

Yes, GameStop has a competitive Black Friday sale. Here’s where you can learn about the latest GameStop Black Friday deals.

GameStop deals on KCL feature games, gaming consoles, accessories, collectibles, and even apparel.