Home Depot Price Match


The Home Depot price match policy is also known as their Low Price Guarantee. The policy doesn't get into too specific details on their website, so let's clear up some of the confusion, straight from the source.

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Does Home Depot Price Match?

Finger pointing at a Home Depot sign that says, "Nobody beats our prices. Guaranteed."

Yes, Home Depot does offer price matching. But there are a lot of caveats in their Low Price Guarantee. Let's get into all the nitty-gritty details.

How do I use the Home Depot price match policy in-store?

A woman and employee at the checkout register.

Shopping in-store? Bring proof of the lower price to the register for validation. Paper ads are okay, as are any ads that you might have in your email. Home Depot will even accept pictures of the physical ad on your phone.

The item must be identical in terms of brand, size, etc., and your Home Depot must have the item in stock. No rain checks.

The cashier may call the competitor on the phone to verify the price, then use a manual override to give you the lower price if it's approved.

Does Home Depot price match online?

To price match while you're shopping on HomeDepot.com, call (800) 466-3337 or use the online chat. The customer service representative will need to verify that the item is an identical match, that's in stock and available for immediate shipping, and check the shipping rate.

Home Depot price matches cart-to-cart. So, if Home Depot sells an item for $60 with free shipping while a competitor sells it for $50, plus $10 shipping, Home Depot will not give you the $50 price. You're still out $60.

Does Home Depot price match Amazon?

Yes, as of late 2022, Home Depot will price match Amazon as long as the item is identical, in stock, and sold and shipped by Amazon (not a third-party seller).

TIP: Here's a list of retailers who will price match Amazon.

Does Home Depot price match Best Buy?

Yes, Home Depot price matches Best Buy.

Does Home Depot price match Costco?

No. One of the listed exclusions in Home Depot's official policy states, "Pricing from membership-based retail wholesalers" is excluded. So if you're trying to price match Costco or Sam's Club, you're outta luck.

Does Home Depot price match Lowe's?

Yes, Home Depot will price match Lowe's. There's always competitive pricing battles between Lowes vs. Home Depot, and you can take full advantage of them with the price match policy.

They'll also price match places like Ace Hardware and mom-and-pop hardware stores.

As far as other hardware and contractor supply retailers, the only ones who will be excluded from Home Depot's price match policy are those who offer "volume or wholesale discount pricing" — like you might receive as a contractor from a specialty tile or paint store.

Does Home Depot price match Target?

Yes, Home Depot price matches Target.

TIP: Target also price matches Home Depot, which is kind of a big deal because they won't price match just anybody. Plus, if you make the purchase at Target with your RedCard, you'll get an additional 5% off on top of the Target price match.

Does Home Depot price match Wayfair?

Yes, Home Depot price matches Wayfair. However, Home Depot excludes open box merchandise from their price match policy, so they won't price match Wayfair Open Box items.

Does Home Depot price match HomeDepot.com?

Whether or not Home Depot will price match HomeDepot.com is completely at the discretion of your local store manager.

Home Depot stores and HomeDepot.com operate as separate entities. Neither is required to price match the other. But your store's manager might be willing to make it happen for you.

Can you price match other Home Depot locations?

Person looking at a light fixture in the light department at Home Depot

Sometimes Home Depot will allow you to price match other Home Depot locations. This is another call that's totally up to your store manager.

Does Home Depot price match plus 10%?

Finger pointing to sign that says, "Price Guarantee. The power of lower prices. Guaranteed."

After years of not only matching, but also beating competitor prices by 10%, Home Depot removed this 'beat it by 10%' language from their low price guarantee policy in May 2020. But check this out — they still do it in Canadian Home Depots.

Which items are excluded from the Home Depot price match policy?

We've already talked about some of the Home Depot price match exclusions, like offers from wholesale clubs like Costco.

Additional items excluded from Home Depot's price match policy include:

  • Items sold by a third-party on the retailer's website. (Watch out for this with

    Walmart in particular.)

  • Seasonal, clearance, and liquidation sales.

  • Rebates.

  • BOGOs, bundles, or free offers.

  • Seasonal promotions.

  • Open-box and refurbished merchandise.

  • Custom or special order products.

  • Labor and installation services.

  • Lower competitor prices that turn out to be a typographical error or misprint.

  • Auction sites (like eBay).

  • Financing or credit products.

How do coupons work with the Home Depot price match policy?

A person's hand holding a Home Depot Black Friday deals ad.

Home Depot is one of the few stores that will allow you to use coupons on top of a price match. So if another store is selling the hardware you need for $10 less and you have a $10 Home Depot coupon, you could get up to $20 off your Home Depot purchase.

If you have a coupon for a big box hardware store like Lowe's or Ace Hardware, they'll even price match that deal.

Does Home Depot price match on Black Friday?

No, Home Depot does not price match Black Friday sales. In fact, they don't price match any seasonal sales, which can also include:

  • Back-to-school sales.

  • No-sales-tax sales.

  • Sales linked to special events.

  • One-time-only promotions.

Does Home Depot price match after purchase?

The Home Depot price adjustment period is 90 days, which is the whole length of their return policy window.

That means if you buy a drill for $54.99 at Home Depot and 60 days later Home Depot puts it on sale for $44.99, they'll refund you the $10 when you ask for a price adjustment.

But technically, a price match after the sale is a different beast. Home Depot's price match policy is essentially void or inactive once you buy the item. If the drill you bought for $54.99 goes on sale at Lowe's a week later, Home Depot will not give you a partial refund.

Will Home Depot honor a sale price after purchase?

Yes. If you purchase an item at Home Depot and they put it on sale for a lower price, Home Depot gives you 90 days to request a price adjustment.

Are there any exclusions to the Home Depot price adjustment policy?

A woman talking to an employee in the tool rental shop at The Home Depot.

Price adjustments can be made to any product purchase made at Home Depot, as long as the item isn't seasonal, discontinued, obsolete, clearance, or damaged.

Can you get a Home Depot price adjustment without a receipt?

Home Depot tends to be a little more strict with their returns-without-receipt policy than some other retailers. So, no, you can't get a Home Depot price adjustment without a receipt.

But depending on the individual store's policy, customer service may be able to look up your receipt for you.

You'll need to provide either the credit card you used to make the purchase, or your phone number if you purchased using your Home Depot account.