Home Depot Price Matching: How It Works Online and in Stores


Price matching has become a more popular way to save. If you've ever needed tools, paint, or appliances, you've probably asked, "does Home Depot price match?"

Without a sale, coupon, or discount, Home Depot price matching is a handy way to save. Under Home Depot’s Low Price Guarantee, they’ll price match any other retailer online and in stores. That’s why their policy makes KCL’s list of top Home Depot shopping hacks.

Home Depot is a bit loose on their price match rules and restrictions. They briefly touch on their Low Price Guarantee online but don’t offer everything you need to make the most of it.

KCL dug deep into Home Depot’s price match policy to set you up for success. If you’re hoping to score Home Depot deals with price matching, these are the rules and limits you need to know.

The Home Depot Price Match Policy

Home Depot prices matches any other retailer for online and in-store purchases. Under their Low Price Guarantee, the item you’re price matching must be identical and in-stock at the competitor store.

Home Depot doesn’t price match third-party sellers or auction sites. But they’ll match prices at top retailers like Lowe’s, Menards, Best Buy, Walmart, and Ace Hardware. So if you want a DeWalt drill set from Home Depot but find it for $10 less at Ace Hardware, Home Depot will match the lower price.

Does Home Depot price match plus 10%?

No, Home Depot no longer gives you 10% off on top of a price match.

In the past, they’d price match other retailers, plus give you a 10% discount to beat the competition. But Home Depot removed this part of their policy in May 2020. You can still get a price match, but not the extra 10% off.

How to Get a Price Match

A woman and employee at the checkout register.

Home Depot Price Matching In Stores

To get a Home Depot price match in stores, bring proof of the lower price to a cashier so they can validate it. You can bring in a paper ad, printout, or online link as proof. They’ll even let you show a screenshot of the lower price on your phone. Once the cashier verifies your proof, they’ll override the register and give you the lower price.

Keep in mind, Home Depot doesn’t offer rain checks. So the item you’re price matching has to be in stock at your local Home Depot.

Home Depot Price Matching Online

To price match an item on HomeDepot.com, you’ll need to submit your request through customer service. You can start an online chat or call (800) 466-3337 to speak with a rep. They’ll verify the lower price and check to make sure the item is in-stock and available for shipping.

If the competitor has a shipping fee for the item, Home Depot factors that into your price match. So if the item costs $60 with free shipping at Home Depot, but costs $50 with $10 shipping at the competitor, you won’t get the lower price. The item would cost you $60 either way.

What You Can’t Price Match: Excluded Items

Home Depot has a relatively long list of items you can’t price match. So it’s important to know the exclusions before you head to the register.

The following items are excluded from Home Depot’s price match policy:

  • Auction sites (like eBay)

  • Custom or special order products

  • Clearance or going-out-of-business sale merchandise 

  • Discontinued or obsolete items 

  • Financing or credit products

  • Items sold by a third-party on the retailer's website. (Watch out for this with Walmart and Amazon in particular)

  • Labor and installation services

  • Lower competitor prices that turn out to be a typographical error or misprint

  • Open-box and refurbished merchandise 

  • Pricing from membership-based retail wholesalers (like Costco or Sam’s Club)

  • Rebates

  • Reconditioned or previously discounted products 

  • Seasonal sale items (like discounts on Christmas and Halloween decor)

Home Depot Price Match vs. Price Adjustment

While Home Depot price matches competitors, they also offer adjustments if their own prices drop.

Say you buy a grill at Home Depot for $200. The next week, Home Depot lowers the price of the grill to $175. If you take your proof of purchase (like your receipt or online order number) to the store, they’ll refund you the $25 difference. 

Home Depot price adjustments are a bit stricter than price matches, though. You only have 90 days (the length of their return window) to get a price adjustment for an item you purchased. Most items qualify for a price adjustment, except for seasonal, discontinued, clearance, or damaged items.

Price adjustment policies vary from store to store, so it’s always best to call ahead. Sometimes, the cashier will simply process a return and resell the item to you at its new, lower price.

Can You Get a Price Adjustment Without a Receipt? 

No, Home Depot won’t give you a price adjustment without a receipt (or some other way to verify your purchase). If you don’t have a receipt or order confirmation, they can try finding your purchase through your phone number or credit card.

Home Depot Price Match FAQs

Does Home Depot price match Amazon?

Yes, as of spring 2024, Home Depot will price match Amazon. However, the item must be sold and shipped by Amazon (and not a third-party marketplace seller). You can confirm this info on the Amazon product page under “product details.”

Does Home Depot price match Ace Hardware?

Yes, Home Depot price matches Ace Hardware. They also price match local retailers and mom-and-pop hardware stores. 

Does Home Depot price match Lowe’s?

Yes, Home Depot price matches Lowe's. And vice versa — Lowe’s price matches Home Depot, too!

This can get tricky, though, since Lowe’s and Home Depot each carry exclusive brands the other doesn’t. For example, Behr paint products are only sold at Home Depot. The same goes for HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams, which is exclusive to Lowe’s. To successfully get a price match, the same (identical) item must be sold at both stores.

How do coupons work with Home Depot price matching?

Home Depot is one of the few stores that allows coupons on top of price matches. So if a competitor sells the item for $10 less and you have a $10 Home Depot coupon, you could get up to $20 off your Home Depot purchase.

If you have a coupon for a major hardware store like Lowe's or Ace Hardware, they'll price match that deal, too!

Does Home Depot price match on Black Friday?

If you’re hoping for a price match on Home Depot Black Friday sales, you’re out of luck. Home Depot does not price match Black Friday sales. In fact, they don't price match any seasonal sales, including:

  • Back-to-school sales

  • One-time-only promotions

  • Sales linked to special events

  • Tax-free events