Nordstrom Rack Return Policy


So the time has come where you want to return something purchased at Nordstrom Rack, and you're thinking their return policy must be the same easy breezy policy as Nordstrom return policy…sadly, it's not. Let's break it all down below:

Rack's return policy is the same for big brands like Dr. Martens or bareMinerals and their owned brands like Z by Zella and Halogen for women.

What is the Nordstrom Rack return policy? And the holiday return policy?

All eligible in-store Nordstrom Rack purchases have a 30-day return window. Purchases from have a slightly longer return window — 40 days.

The exception to this standard return window is during the holidays. For purchases made between a date in early October and Dec. 24, you have until Feb. 7 to make your return. In 2022, the extended holiday return window started Oct. 3.

Nordstrom Rack is more strict than Nordstrom when it comes to returns.

Unlike the Nordstrom return policy, which is infinite in length and leniency, at Nordstrom Rack, you'll need your receipt and your item can't show any signs of wear. They can also refuse to return your item if they suspect you're buying for resale.

Nordstrom Rack's basic return criteria are:

  • Must be within 40 days of purchase for online purchases and 30 days for in-store purchases

  • All tags must be attached

  • Items cannot have been worn or have any signs of wear.

Nordstrom Rack returns may be accepted outside the 30- or 40-day return window for a partial refund.


Now, my personal experience is that some of that famous Nordstrom "make the customer happy, no matter what" ethos can exist at Nordstrom Rack. There've been times when I've asked if I could return an item with tags removed or outside the return window at my Nordstrom Rack store, I've always been warmly received and permitted to make the return.

The official policy states this practice is at the discretion of the store or manager. The store associate can choose to issue you a full refund. Or, late returns that are accepted can be subject to a partial refund of 50% of their original sale prices.

The same is true for online returns with This will appear on your orders page as a late-return fee and will get paid to you in the form of an e-gift card.

If you've kept your Nordstrom Rack purchase after 90 days. It's pretty much yours. We suggest trying to resell it on Depop, Ebay, Etsy, The Real Real, or Tradsy at that point.

You can return Nordstrom purchases to Nordstrom Rack, any time.

I do it all. the. time. My area doesn't have a Nordstrom store, so if I buy from, the Rack is my only option to return in-person.

This part of the return policy used to be unofficial — in writing, it wasn't allowed, but in practice, it often was. Now, the Nordstrom Rack official return policy states "We now accept returns of Nordstrom,, and merchandise at Nordstrom Rack locations. Boutique returns must be processed at the store where they were originally purchased."

Nordstrom Rack can take any return from Nordstrom stores. But they may not return designer items and jewelry, but that's only because Nordstrom Rack employees are often not trained in authentication of those designer items. There are really good fakes in the market, so to avoid being scammed, the Rack will usually refuse refunding customers for those items.

  • You can also return Nordstrom Rack in-store merchandise to a Nordstrom store if it's within the 40-day window with tags attached.

  • Nordstrom Rack online purchases can only be returned to a Nordstrom Rack store. The registers at Nordstrom can't process the return.

You can return Nordstrom Rack online to a store, as long as you're in the U.S.

All U.S. Nordstrom Rack stores accept returns from

Nordstrom Rack stores in Canada are not able to accept returns for items purchased online. And Nordstrom Rack online does not accept returns for in-store Nordstrom Rack purchases.

Here's how to get a Nordstrom Rack return without a receipt:

You can make Nordstrom Rack returns without a receipt as long as you have any of the following information.

For or purchases, your order can be looked up with:

  • your email

  • your phone number

For in-store purchases from Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack, your order can be looked up with:

  • your phone number for Nordstrom account holders

  • your email for Nordstrom account holders

  • your credit card

If your transaction cannot be looked up with any of the above, your item will not be accepted for return, not even for store credit at the current selling price.

Your return will be credited via your original form of payment. You do not need to have the credit card you paid with on you.

Keep in mind Nordstrom gift cards can be redeemed at Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack.

If your refund comes in the form of store credit, you can redeem that credit at any of the Nordstrom family stores. If you don't want your gift card, you can always sell it at and keep 85% of its selling price.

Nordstrom Rack shoppers can save a little extra (like 1 or 2%) every day by paying for their purchases with a discounted gift card. Save $5 on your first gift card order at Raise.

When you make a return on an item purchased with a gift card, you'll be refunded with a new gift card. Raise digital gift cards are delivered electronically and available to redeem immediately in-store or online.

Nordstrom Rack does not offer price adjustments.

Nordstrom Rack does not offer price adjustments. So, if you purchase a Nike sports bra for $19.99 and find it discounted to $11.99 a week later, the only way to get the lower price would be to return the bra and rebuy it. And in order to return it, it must be unworn with tags on.

Final sale items are ineligible for return.


So, you may be wondering to yourself — how do I know if my item is eligible for a return? Check your invoice, email confirmation, or purchase page.

At, each final sale item is noted in red, on the product listing page. The final sale designation is based on the percentage-off and generally, clearance items over 80% off are final sale.

In stores, clearance items are only final sale when Nordstrom Rack is running an additional percentage-off promo, like they often do on weekends. All clearance merchandise in the store is 25% off the clearance price and all sales are final, and this will be noted on your receipt.

Beauty items purchased in-store or online are always final sale.

Nordstrom Rack can refuse to take returns if they think you're a reseller.

A reseller is someone who makes money by purchasing items from discount retailers like Ross, T.J.Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, or elsewhere and flips it for a profit by selling it on eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or wherever. So, in theory, a reseller would buy a lot of stuff at once and whatever they can't turn for a profit, they return to the store. Well, Nordstrom Rack doesn't like this practice and they've carved out a section in the return policy to speak directly to this community.

"Please note, we reserve the right to refuse or limit quantities to anyone we believe may be purchasing items for resale. Sales to anyone management believes to be a reseller or bulk purchaser are final, and no exchanges or returns will be granted."

Returns to Nordstrom Rack online aren't free.

The return shipping fee in the U.S. is $9.95. You can print a shipping label for free, but the shipping fee will be deducted from your return. Now you see why we all want to make Nordstrom Rack returns in-store.

Nordstrom Rack Shoe Return Policy

Footwear and shoes from Nordstrom Rack may be returned as long as they're not marked final sale or non-returnable. Shoes must be returned in their original packaging including the box they came in. And shoes cannot be worn.