Walgreens Return Policy


The Walgreens return policy leaves a lot up to associate and manager discretion. From what to do if you lose your receipt to how reward points are refunded, here’s what you need to know about the Walgreens return policy.


1. Some Walgreens.com orders come with a prepaid return shipping label, and some don’t.

I placed a small order — two boxes of Band Aids for $2.99 each, plus $5.99 for shipping — and when the box arrived, I didn’t see a prepaid return shipping label in the box. When I went to return one item because it was the wrong size, it was kind of a pain. (Not the kind I could use one of my bandages for, though!)

I reached out to a customer service rep via chat, and they told me I could print a label at www.walgreens.com/returnlabel. But, the online form I had to fill out said my order was ineligible!

Here’s the kicker: Walgreens.com doesn’t say what items are eligible for return and what aren’t so you’d just have to go through the same painful process I did.

I ended up having to return the item in store. Didn’t love the extra errand, but one perk of that was…


2. If you paid shipping for an online order but return in store, they’ll refund your shipping.

Even though I wasn’t thrilled about having to run an extra errand to return my item, there was an upside: I got my $5.99 shipping fee reimbursed in addition to the $2.99 purchase price.


3. Walgreens says you only have 30 days to return something, but you can try for longer.

Whether it was an online or in-store order, Walgreens says that you only have 30 days for returns.

Even though that’s what the Walgreens return policy states, it really is up to the associate or manager. I’ve returned things past the 30-day window. Of course you’ll have a better chance for an extended return if it’s unused and unopened.

Heads up that in the store, they’ll ask for your ID. If you’re returning something online, they ask that you include the original receipt and circle the item you’re returning.


4. If you don’t have the receipt, you’ll get the lowest price back to you in store credit.

If you have the receipt, you’ll get what you paid refunded to your original payment method. If you don’t have the receipt, you’ll get the lowest advertised price back in the form of store credit.

Same for gifts that have no receipt.


5. Store credit is given on a Walgreens W Card or directly to your Walgreens account.

You’ll either get store credit on what is known as a W Card, or the funds can be added directly to your Walgreens account. You can ask for one or the other.


6. You can look through your purchase history on the Walgreens app or Walgreens.com.


If you used your Walgreens account — simply by scanning your membership card or entering your phone number during checkout — you can look up your purchase history.

Simply login to the Walgreens app or Walgreens.com, click your account, and select “Product Purchase History.” There, you can find the receipt number and purchase details.


7. You’ll likely get store credit for returning used and/or open cosmetics and electronics.

It’s up to the manager, but usually an open or used item will get you store credit (rather than a full refund). That being said, if I had, say, an open foundation that just didn’t match my skin tone, I’d still try to get my money back versus store credit.

FYI: The Walgreens return policy states that the Birchbox BYOB, sexual wellness products, and holiday/seasonal decorations can’t be returned or exchanged.

PRO TIP: Always look for Walgreens coupons on the KCL website.


8. If you used a coupon, you’ll only get back what you paid.

That’s just the way it is.



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