Walgreens Return Policy


The Walgreens return policy leaves a lot up to associate and manager discretion. From what to do if you lose your receipt to how reward points are refunded, here’s what you need to know about the Walgreens return policy.


Chart summarizing Walgreens Return Policy

1. What do I need to make a Walgreens return?

Band-aids sitting on a checkout counter with an online receipt

The item, your ID, and hopefully your receipt. Parts of the Walgreens return policy can seem very straightforward, but certain parts leave a lot unsaid.

For starters, you’ll be asked to provide your photo ID for any return — receipt or not. Since Walgreens lets you return pretty much anything, they track your returns with your ID. Don’t abuse it…they’re watching.


2. What is Walgreens’ makeup return policy?

A person holding a Walgreens receipt and burts bees lip balm..

Returns for cosmetics or electronics are handled at the discretion of the store manager, usually in the form of a Walgreens gift card.

It’s up to the manager, but usually an open or used item will get you store credit (rather than a refund in the form you originally paid).

TIP: Always look for makeup coupons on the KCL website.


3. How many days after your purchase can you return at Walgreens?

Two women standing near checkout at Walgreens

Whether it was an online or in-store order, Walgreens says that you only have 30 days for returns.

Even though that’s what the Walgreens return policy states, it really is up to the associate or manager. I’ve returned things past the 30-day window. Of course you’ll have a better chance for an extended return if it’s unused and unopened.


4. What is the Walgreens return policy if I don’t have a receipt?

A return showing on the screen at a Walgreen checkout

If you don’t have the receipt, you’ll get the lowest advertised price back in the form of store credit. Heads up — in the store, they’ll ask for your ID. Same for gifts that have no receipt.

This is a good reason to remember to sign up for myWalgreens and link your phone number. Then when you shop, always put your phone number in at checkout. This will link all your purchases to your account.


5. Is there a way to track my purchases digitally?

Walgreens purchase history screenshot

You can look through your purchase history on the Walgreens app or Walgreens.com. If you used your Walgreens account — simply by entering your phone number during checkout — you can look up your purchase history.

Simply log in to the Walgreens app or Walgreens.com, click your account, and select “Product Purchase History.” There, you can find the receipt number and purchase details.


6. Do I have to get store credit for returns?

A person holding a Walgreens gift card inside Walgreens.

You’ll either get store credit on what is known as a W Card, or the funds can be added directly to your Walgreens account. You can ask for one or the other.

Walgreens offers two different types of Walgreens gift cards — the white “W Card” and the “Walgreens Card.” The W Card is considered their store credit gift card.


7. What if I use a coupon and need to return the item?

Someone holding Axe body wash outside a Walgreens

If you’re returning items purchased with a manufacturer coupon, you’ll get back the full price paid for the item, which includes the value of the coupon. You won’t get back the coupons you used.

For example, if Tide Pods were on sale for $4.99 and you used a $2/1 Tide Pods coupon, your out-of-pocket cost was $2.99. You then go to return the Tide Pods and you’ll get back $4.99.


8. How do I return a Walgreens.com order?

Two Walgreens delivery boxes on a doorstep

If you need to return a Walgreens.com order, you just need to visit the returns site at www.walgreens.com/returnlabel to print a prepaid return label for your order. You’ll enter in your order number and zip code.

You can also return a Walgreens.com order in store.


9. Can I return a Walgreens online order in store?

Someone returning band-aids to a Walgreens

Yup! And even better, if you choose to return your online order in store, you’ll get your $5.99 shipping fee reimbursed in addition to the item’s purchase price.


10. What items can’t be returned at Walgreens?

shopping in walgreens for gift cards

Walgreens won’t accept returns for gift cards, pre-paid cards, phone cards, sexual wellness items, seasonal products, or COVID-19 testing kits.

And a reminder, Walgreens reserves the right to limit or refuse returns or exchanges.


11. Can I return Walgreens photos?

checking out at walgreens photo

Yes. The Walgreens photo return policy has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In theory, if you’re not happy with your photos two years from now, you can ask for a refund. If you did Same Day Pickup, just visit your local store for an exchange or refund. If you did an online mailed order, request your refund from customer service at 1-866-264-2910.

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12. Can I return Walgreens prescription?

woman standing in line at walgreens pharmacy

Welp. That’s one you can’t do and won’t get a manager to make an exception for either.

By law, Walgreens cannot accept returns of prescription medications. However, if you think Walgreens made an error in filling the prescription, please contact the store where you received your prescription. Or, if it was a mailed prescription order, call customer service at 1-877-250-5823.

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