Who’s ready for the new year?! Get ready with an epic New Year’s Eve party! Find all the supplies by checking out the best Hobby Lobby hacks.


1. Set up a balloon countdown and pop a balloon every hour until midnight.

If you have kiddos who can’t stop asking “how much longer?!” try this! Get your balloons at Dollar Tree and print clocks from Template.net.


2. Use a DIY soda-bottle funnel to make your own confetti balloons.

Make your own confetti with a whole puncher and colored construction paper — or, just buy ready-made confetti. Then, cut the top off a soda bottle, attach a balloon to the mouth, and pour the confetti in. At midnight, pop the balloons in celebration!


3. Identify party guests’ glasses and create a nonslip grip with balloons.

First, blow up balloons to stretch them out; this will make it easier to pull them over glasses. Then, cut off the stem and about a quarter inch off the closed end. Pull snipped balloons over glasses.


4. Make cleaning up easy by lining your trash can with three or four bags.



5. Use wire garland to decorate the stems of wine and cocktail glasses.


6. Pour champagne or sparkling water over cotton candy for colorful, fizzy drinks.


7. Cover your table with kraft paper and use a sharpie to label food.


8. Or, use chalkboard tape to turn plain dishes into party dishes.

Stick chalkboard tape to plain dishes, then use a chalk pen to write your message or let guests know what you’re serving. Remove the tape easily when you’re done.



9. Make your own noisemakers with craft sticks, ribbons, and bells.

Paint craft sticks in metallic colors, and string bells on ribbon. Tightly wrap the ribbon around the stick, and tie the end securely. Hand them out right before midnight to ring in the New Year!


10. Turn your Christmas tree into a New Year’s tree.


11. Make your own party hats.

Use a hole puncher to create holes on both sides of a paper cup. Then, use two pieces of bakers’ twine, ensuring both pieces can easily be tied under most of your guests’ chins, and attach each to either side of the cup.

Glue some tinsel around the border as a finishing touch.


12. Turn used K-Cups into party lights.



13. Use frozen balloons to keep drinks cool.

Do this, and your guests won’t have to dunk their hands in freezing water.


14. Put glow sticks in balloons for cool party lighting.

Bracelet glow sticks are typically found in bundles at your local dollar store. Buy some and snap two bracelets per balloon. After blowing up a balloon, insert each glow stick into it one at a time. Air may escape, so you may have to inflate the balloon a bit more before tying off. The average glow stick lasts about 6-8 hours.


15. Protect kids’ hands from sparkler burns with a plastic Solo cup.


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15 Epic New Year's Eve Party Ideas You Must Try