Lost socks. We all have them. No matter how much we try to keep a pair together, one sock always seems to get away.

So what do you do with a lonely sock? Definitely don’t toss it! Here are some ideas to put a spare sock to good use.

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1. Store shoes in spare socks while traveling.

Protect your shoes from getting banged up or scratched — and your clothes from getting dirty — by slipping them in spare socks when you travel.


2. Prevent paint stains on shoes.

Prevent your sneakers from being covered in paint by slipping spare socks over your shoes.


3. Protect fragile items during a move.


Place glassware in socks, or put socks in glasses to prevent breakage while moving.


4. Prevent car windows from fogging up with a spare sock and cat litter.

Pour cat litter into a spare sock and fill up just to the ankle. Tie the sock off and place it near your windshield. The cat litter will absorb moisture and keep the glass from fogging up.


5. Keep windshield wipers from freezing before a storm.

Knee-high socks work best.



6. Store small game pieces in them.

Keep those tiles and board game accessories from getting lost.


7. Make a soap pouch.

Place a bar or bits of leftover soap in a clean sock and use the sock’s material to scrub your skin clean. The sock will not only make the soap last longer, but it will also make it less slippery and create a better lather for cleaning.


8. Absorb fridge odors with a spare sock.

Fill a clean sock with coffee grounds or baking soda and place in your fridge — both are natural odor absorbers.


9. Create homemade dog toys.

Stick an empty plastic water bottle in a sock (remove the bottle’s lid first) and tie off the end. As with any toy, make sure to supervise your fur baby when he’s playing with toys.


10. Make ice packs more tolerable.

The sock’s fabric will make a freezing ice pack less harsh and collect condensation.



11. Stop shoes from smelling.

Place a sock filled with baking soda (a natural odor absorber) into smelly shoes.


12. Craft a DIY drink koozie.

Cut off the top portion of a sock above the heel. Depending on the size of your cup, make the length longer or shorter. Then, hem the edge inward with a needle and thread. Slip the sock onto your cup and enjoy!


13. Relieve an earache.

Sea salt is a natural antibacterial agent and, when heated, will help draw moisture and toxins out of an infected ear.

  1. Heat one cup of coarse sea salt in a microwave-safe dish for about three minutes (longer if the salt isn’t hot after three minutes).
  2. Fill a large white sock with the hot salt and tie a knot with the loose end (or use a rubber band).
  3. Test the temperature of the sock by placing it on your inner wrist (don’t use near your ear if it’s too hot!).
  4. Place the salt sock over and under the infected ear and lie down.


14. Keep sticky oil and sauce bottles from making a mess in your cabinets.

No more sticky rings on your cabinet shelves! Use a sock to catch any liquid that may drip down the side of an oil or sauce bottle.


15. Dust blinds with a spare sock.



16. Stay cool as you sleep.

Fill a sock with rice and freeze for two hours. Then, place it between bed sheets to stay cool while you sleep.


16 Amazing Things You Can Do with Spare Socks