Magic Erasers are ingenious – they help clean almost any stain you can think of in the kitchen. But you aren't limited to just the kitchen – you can use them all over the house. To get the most from the eraser, cut it into four equal-sized pieces. Only lightly mist it with water rather than completely saturating it, which can cause it to shrink and shrivel up. And scrub all surfaces gently to help keep the eraser from prematurely breaking up.

1. Shoes

Use a magic eraser to remove stubborn dirt and scuffs from your shoes. I've even used it to get rid of those annoying grass stains from mowing the lawn.

2. Phone

Gently wipe the mouthpiece of your phone with a magic eraser to get rid of any built-up gunk or grime. They work to clean cell phones too.

3. Nail Polish Remover

My four-year-old tends to get more nail polish on the table and walls than on her fingers when I let her do her own manicure. But rather than banning nail polish from the house, I use a magic eraser to clean up the mess. Magic erasers remove the polish, even if it's dried, from almost any surface including carpets, walls, wood and plastic.

4. Mirror and Window Cleaner

I use a magic eraser to remove splotches of toothpaste and shaving cream from the bathroom mirrors. You can also use it to clean your windows inside and outside of the house – even those nose prints from your dog on the car window. I find that magic erasers clean glass without leaving behind any smudges or streaks.

5. Tupperware Rescue

Tired of that orange ring around the inside of your plastic food storage container from when you reheated spaghetti in the microwave? Use a magic eraser to help remove stubborn food stains like these.

6. Sticker Shock

There's nothing worse than that annoying residue left behind after removing price tags or labels. Just scrub your item with a magic eraser to remove any leftover adhesive.

7. Toilet Cleaner

I use magic erasers to remove stubborn stains in the toilet — just be sure to wear long cleaning gloves because it can get icky. Magic erasers also help get rid of stains beneath the toilet seat. Apparently you can also cut off a chunk of the magic eraser and allow it to sit in the toilet overnight to remove stains. But this doesn't always work on tough stains. And be sure to remove it in the morning — you don't want to accidentally flush it and clog your toilet!

8. Tea and Coffee Stain Remover

Scrub the inside of your carafe, mug or thermos to remove those annoying stains left behind by coffee or tea.

8 Alternative Uses for Magic Erasers