There are numerous foodies and kitchen-loving cooks in my family, so whenever a birthday or holiday arises, I always try to find something unique and unexpected that still stays within my budget. There are tons of options out there, from crazy kitchen gadgets to giant gummy bears, but the hard part is finding a gift that’s fun as well as useful. Next time you need a gift for that friend whose Instagram feed always features a photo of their latest dish, check these nine great gifts that are both entertaining and practical:

1. Conversion Kitchen Dishtowel

Even the most avid chef is bound to forget a measurement conversion every now and then, which is where this dishtowel comes in handy! Instead of trying to Google conversions while your hands are covered in flour and butter, simply grab this handy towel and all the measurements are right there! The chart on the towel will help you quickly convert weights and measures. The Conversion Kitchen Dishtowel is available in black and red for $4.95 at Crate & Barrel.

2. Kernel and Seasoning Mix

Popcorn is a staple in most people’s pantries, but this gourmet Urban Accents Kernel and Six Seasoning Set is anything but typical. This kit includes six all-natural seasonings and 16 ounces of Premium White Gold Kernels. The seasonings range from salty to sweet and include white cheddar, carmel corn, kettle corn, cracked pepper, sea salt and dill pickle. This 7-piece set is priced at $17 and available at Sur la Table.

3. Creme snack cake pan

It wasn’t long ago that the country was in a panic over the loss of our beloved Twinkies. Fortunately, those spongey little cakes weren’t gone for long and are back on store shelves. However, if you like the idea of a creme-filled cake but perhaps not Twinkies, per se, this Fat Daddio’s Crème Snack Cake Pan is a great option. Any gourmet could use this pan to create a million different versions of the classic spongecake, such as a vanilla cake filled with raspberry jam or a mascarpone cheese-filled pound cake! The Creme Snack Cake Pan is priced at $11.96 and is available at Sur la Table.

4. The Obsessive Chef cutting board

Some chefs like to have everything just so, and that includes having the perfect chop on their fruits and veggies. If the gourmet in your life is a perfectionist, they’ll surely get good use out of this Obsessive Chef Cutting Board. This 9″x12″ board has exact measurements for the perfect dice and is priced at $24.69 at Perpetual Kid.

5. Bloom utensil set

Flowers are always sure to put a smile on someone’s face, and so will this adorable utensil set! This upbeat and fun Bloom Utensil Set includes a Purple Tulip Whisk, Orange Flower Slotted Spoon, Blue Flower Solid Spoon, Green Leaf Spatula, Pink Pansy Slotted Turner and a White Vase. Each utensil head is crafted from heat resistant nylon, stainless steel or silicone. The Bloom Utensil Set is currently priced at $25.43 on Amazon.

6. The Food Truck Cookbook

Food trucks are all the rage lately. They’re popping up at local events, parked at all of the trendy hot spots, and there has even been a reality TV show about them! If you’re buying for the foodie who’s always up on the latest trends, this cookbook is sure to be a hit. This cookbook contains over 150 recipes collected from food trucks from L.A. to New York and includes recipes for tacos, Chinese fusion dishes, and even ice-cream treats. Priced at $18.95, The Food Truck Cookbook is available at World Market.

7. Beehive Measuring Cups

I love it when I find something that is both functional and adorable, like this beehive measuring set. This measuring cup set features four individual measuring cups that each form a tier of the beehive display. This set includes measurements for 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/2 cup and 1 cup. My favorite part of this set? The adorable bee handles! The Beehive Measuring Cups can be purchased at World Market for $12.99.

8. World Gourmet Salt Sampler

If your foodie loves adding a dash of this or a pinch of that, this salt sampler is sure to be a hit. This set includes 16 all-natural sea salts from around the world, including a Lime-infused salt, which is perfect for guacamole, key lime pie and many other dishes. Others in the set include Murray River salt from Australia and the Pele Red Hawaiian Salt. Salts of the 7 Seas sells several salt sets in addition to the World Gourmet Sampler, including the Baja Gourmet Sampler, the Pacific Gourmet Sampler and even a Peppercorn Sampler. The World Gourmet Salt Sampler is priced at $23.50 and can be purchased at Salts of the 7 Seas.

9. Garlic twist

I’m not usually a huge fan of crazy kitchen gadgets. Don’t get me wrong—some of them, like my pineapple slicer, really come in handy. However, the majority of the gadgets I have purchased failed to impress and just ended up being thrown in a drawer with the others. However, the Garlic Twist is one that not only works but has won six industry awards and has been featured in magazines such as Newsweek, Food Network and All You. This handy little gadget peels and minces garlic in seconds. And it’s not just for garlic! You can use this for ginger, shallots, peppers, and more. Priced currently at $14.99 on Amazon, this little tool will surely impress any cook.

9 Budget-Friendly Gifts for the Gourmet