Want to add your own little message to a jar? Round up your used pickle jars and your glue gun for a fast and easy project that can be adapted for any occasion!

Empty glass jar
Glue gun and hot glue sticks
Krylon spray paint


1. If you have great handwriting and are confident, plug in that glue gun and write away! However if you’re a little less sure, like me, you can use this tip: Print out a guide of what you want to write on your jar in your favorite font. I used a font called “eight fifteen.”

2. Tape your printed-out words to the inside your jar, then use your hot glue to write over the words on the outside of the jar. If you mess up, you can get the glue off and start again, but you will probably want to have a little "Goof Off" or a similar product on hand to help remove it completely.

3. Once your glue has dried, apply spray paint, completely covering the outside of your jar. Lightly spray over the jar, let it dry, and then do additional light coats to avoid paint drips.

4. Enjoy your new personalized vase!

DIY: Embossed Handwritten Message Jar