I have always had trouble with the idea of stockpiling. Mainly, this is because I favor quaint, vintage (read: old, poorly laid-out) homes that assume one small closet provides perfectly ample storage space…for the whole house. But what I have found that works nearly as well as building up a stockpile is buying products that can do more than one thing for me. For instance, what if I could buy just one cleaning product that could clean everything in my house?

Here is a list of common products that are multitasking masters. Whether your issue is saving funds or stockpiling space (or both), I hope you find them as valuable as I do!

How to save with multitasking products 

Here is just one example of how you can save by combining many products into a single product.

Example: Cleaning products

You could buy a different product to clean each area:

  • Counter cleaner: Lysol, $2.87, 32 fl oz, Walmart
  • Glass/Mirror cleaner: Windex, $2.87, 26 fl oz, Walmart
  • Sink/Shower & Tub/Tile cleaner: Kaboom, $3.48, 32 oz, Walmart
  • Toilet cleaner: Clorox, $1.97, 24 fl oz, Walmart
  • Floor cleaner: Favor, $2.97, 27 fl oz, Walmart
  • TOTAL = $14.48

Or you could buy one product that cleans all areas:

  • See #2 under "8 Great Multitasking Products."
  • TOTAL = $2.97 or $4.37 (depending on whether you choose spray or liquid)

8 Great multitasking products 

The product brand names are just offered as suggestions—each comes highly rated in its respective area, but if you can get a better price on a different brand, by all means go for it!

1. Oven & grill cleaner

Whether you have both an oven and a grill or not, this dual-purpose heavy duty cleaner can clean ovens (both self-cleaning and non-self-cleaning), indoor and outdoor grills, stainless steel cookware, ceramic cookware and more.

2. Multisurface spray (or liquid) cleaner

This multisurface cleaner is anti-bacterial, lemon-fresh, and can be used practically anywhere grime or germs are found—counters, mirrors, tile, wood, ceramic, fiberglass, metal, plastic, walls (painted and wallpaper) and all appliances and fixtures.

3. Baby powder

Baby powder is the unsung hero that could (and can)! This miracle multitasker simultaneously keeps tender bottoms and sweaty feet fungus-free. It can also soak up grease spills, remove carpet stains, serve as an emergency dry shampoo, un-stick playing cards, silence squeaky floor boards and even send ants packing.

4. WD-40

I discovered WD-40's lesser-known talents when I ran out of my expensive goo-remover. I thought, WD-40 is so nice and slippery…it’s good at stopping squeaks…surely it can help take the goo off my windshield (on account of the old stickers I had just peeled away). It worked very well! So I researched what else it could do and discovered it’s great for getting scratches and stains out of stainless steel, polishing tile, un-sticking hinges, removing rust (and goo, of course), and even breaking in stiff leather.

5. Tin (aluminum) foil

Tin foil has been dubbed by some as the "duct tape of the kitchen." This is because it can do all kinds of things. For instance, it easily forms into a makeshift funnel for anything from frosting to motor oil. You can wrap up leftovers, or matches, or anything you want to stay fresh and watertight. Cut a sheet with scissors 10 times and your scissors will be sharper. It can even stand-in when you run out of dryer sheets (tin foil is a great static reducer).

6. Pest spray

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s opening my under-sink cupboard to see 10 bottles of different pest sprays. If there’s a scary bug, I want to be able to grab the first thing I see without looking and spray until it's gone. Today, it’s possible to buy a "one spray treats all pests" product—thank goodness.

7. All-in-one hair and body soap (Plus other uses!)

Why juggle multiple bottles when you can streamline with just one? There’s one proven product that is all-natural, multipurpose and can clean you and your entire house just as well as that juggernaut of bottles under your sink.

Note: Dr. Bronner's has many scents you can choose from, but the key is to find a product labeled "magic soap."

8. Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly—is there anything the little jar o' wonder cannot do? Petroleum jelly is not only a time-tested dry skin soother, but it can also lubricate toy wheels, revive tired leather, remove rings from fingers (and furniture), take your makeup off, keep shampoo/hair dye/paint from getting into places it shouldn't, get goo out or off, moisturize and more.

This is an article by Shannon from Houston, TX.

8 Money-Saving Products That Can Multitask for You