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I’m digging glow-stick-decor this year!  Just look at these simple (that’s the only way I do it!) and inexpensive ideas! You should have most of the supplies around your house.  All you’ll need to buy are the glowsticks and I’ve found some great prices around the web.


25 six-inch premium green glow sticks $16.98
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25 six-inch premium assorted glow sticks $15.99
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Oriental Trading Company

12 four-inch green glow sticks $10.50 + shipping
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Final Price: as low as $0.88 each

Got your glow sticks ordered?  Now look at the possibilities!

 Glowing Ghosts

These apparitions may seem friendly at first, but in the darkness their scary side comes out. To summon a ghost, snap one or two green eight-hour light sticks so they glow, and insert them into a white balloon. Inflate the balloon and tie it closed. Use a black marker to draw a wide-eyed visage. Repeat to make more, then affix ghosts to a wall with transparent tape and lower the lights.










Creepy Toilet Paper Tube Eyes

Begin using toilet paper generously. Let your two year old jam a whole roll down the toilet. Play Project Runway and design a couture gown out of Charmin or Quilted Northern. Lift your 10-squares-at-a-time ban and live a little!  Time to wad, not fold, people!

Save your empty tubes and cut creepy eye shapes! Then at dusk, crack a glowstick, cover the entire tube in Saran-wrap and hide the lit tubes in your bushes! Spooooky!

by ThriftyCraftyGirl


Black Light Glowing Steps

I’ll admit, this looks like it takes quite a bit more finesse than my toilet paper craft. This should not be attempted by children. You’ll need black light to achieve the full effect. Please read up on the  risks associated with glow sticks before proceeding.   While wearing gloves, carefully cut open the glow sticks and pour them on patio steps.  Keep liquid away from food, children and pets. Maybe this is a bad idea. . . . but it sure looks cool!

Thanks PixieParamedic for this awesome solution!  Laundry Detergent (containing phosphors) will glow under black light!  Use liquid detergent or mix powdered detergent with water and splatter anywhere! Much safer!

There are tons more ideas on how to use glow sticks for Halloween–including replacing the candle in your Jack-O-Lantern!  See all my Halloween ideas!  Click “Follow All” to follow The Krazy Coupon Lady on Pinterest!


Ghoulish Glow Stick Halloween Decor---Glow Sticks As Low As $0.64 each