With summer BBQs and 4th of July celebrations coming up, here are some of our favorite 4th of July food, decor and game ideas!


1. Serve BBQ condiments in a muffin tin on the 4th of July.


2. Turn red, dollar store mini cups into 4th of July party lights with electrical tape and star stickers.

These are both EASY and adorable! To make your own patriotic party lights you’ll need red 2 oz mini cups from the Dollar Tree, white and blue electrical tape from the hardware store, star stickers, and a strand of white lights.

Begin by wrapping the white and then overlapping the blue electrical tape around the top of your cup. The tape is flexible, which makes this process quick and easy! Don’t pull too hard on the tape — it will stretch the tape and leave your stripes uneven.

Using a craft knife, cut an “X’ in the bottom of each cup. Make sure the “X” is large enough for the light to push through. If not, forcing the bulb too much can cause the cup to crack.

Finish them off by applying star stickers, inserting the light bulbs into each cup, and hanging them for your guests to enjoy!


3. Prepare a sticky fingers station for messy 4th of July foods.

Include wet wipes, paper towels and hand sanitizer.

Get paper towel coupons.

Get hand sanitizer coupons.


4. Create a 4th of July firework photo backdrop on concrete with spray chalk.

Using red, white and, blue spray chalk, decorate your driveway with fireworks and stars. Once the chalk is dry, have your kids pose for photos. When you’re finished, simply wash it away with water!



5. Make watermelon easy to eat with popsicle sticks.


6. Make ice last longer by keeping it separate from water in a colander.


7. Dip ice cream cones in white chocolate and 4th of July sprinkles.


8. Add food coloring to a vase of flowers for an easy 4th of July centerpiece.


9. Make a no-sew 4th of July bunting by tying bandanas together.

Pick up patriotic bandanas from the craft store or for a dollar in Target’s Dollar Spot.



10. Use Mod Podge to create 4th of July American flag lighting with mason jars.

Drop in a tea light to illuminate a pathway, or use them as centerpieces.


11. Tie-dye an Old Navy baby onesie in red, white and blue.

Tie-dye a $5 patriotic Old Navy onesie for your baby’s first 4th of July, or grab $5 tees for kids of any age.

Learn how to tie-dye your Old Navy baby onesie along with five other ideas to Bling Out Your $5 Old Navy Shirt for the 4th of July.


12. Turn plain paper plates into a 4th of July wind catcher.

Paint red stripes on the bottom of a white paper plate. Use scissors to cut the plate into a spiral. Draw or trace a star onto the bottom of a second white plate. Then paint your star blue. Use a hole punch to create holes, attach string to the spiral and the star, and hang it.


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13. Shield kids’ hands from 4th of July sparkler burns with a plastic cup.


14. Prevent a fire by extinguishing 4th of July fireworks with a bucket of water.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many fires on the 4th of July are started by fireworks that were lit and then tossed in a trash can.

Prevent this by extinguishing any fireworks in a bucket of water. As an extra precaution, leave the fireworks in the water bucket away from your house overnight.


15. Make 4th of July confetti poppers with toilet paper tubes, balloons and flags.

For a non-flame firework alternative, make confetti poppers with toilet paper tubes, balloons, American flags and confetti.

Tie a knot at the base of a balloon. This will be where your kids grab and snap the balloon, making the confetti fly.

Using scissors, cut the balloon in half. Stretch the bottom half over the end of a toilet paper tube and secure it with tape. Use hot glue to attach a small American flag to the roll. Let your kids fill the “popper” with confetti, pull the balloon, and watch it fly.



16. Make s’mores on a BBQ grill.

If a bonfire isn’t an option, but you’re craving s’mores, assemble the ingredients, wrap them in aluminum foil, and toast them on a grill.


17. Use a shower cap and ice to keep food cold during your 4th of July party.

Add ice to a shower cap. Place a bowl filled with cold food like pasta salad in the cap, allowing the elastic to stretch over the sides, creating an ice-box effect. Your food should stay cool for hours!


18. Make a 4th of July twirly banner out of red and blue Solo cups.

Start by cutting the lip off of a cup. Once the lip is gone, begin cutting the cup at a slight angle, rotating it to create a spiral. When you reach the bottom of the cup, cut it off.

Use a hole punch to make a hole through each strip.

Thread a piece of string through the hole, and display your twirly cups as a decorative banner.


19. Celebrate the 4th of July by popping balloons filled with confetti.

Create a funnel for confetti by cutting the top off a plastic water bottle. Blow up each balloon and using a pin, pop them! The confetti flying makes for a great photo op and will have your whole family entertained!

Note: For easy cleanup, lay a sheet or disposable dollar store tablecloth on the ground to catch the confetti as it flies.


20. Light up your drink cooler with red, white and blue glow sticks.


21. Make your 4th of July bonfire magical by adding color flame packets.

Purchase color flame packets to make your bonfire festive and magical.


22. Use a cookie cutter to create watermelon stars.

Freeze the watermelon stars and use them as ice in a blue beverage.


23. Play 4th of July bean bag toss with decorated cans and socks filled with rice.

Fill a couple of small socks with rice and tie the ends with rubber bands and patriotic ribbon. Then, cover six empty and cleaned 15-ounce cans with red, white, and blue tape, making sure the tape covers any sharp edges. Set cans up in a pyramid and have kids stand several feet away. Whoever knocks down all the cans within two tries wins!


24. Create lawn stars with marking chalk and cardboard.


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24 Best 4th of July Food, Decor & Game Hacks for 2019