Every year, Old Navy offers 4th of July T-shirts at just $5.00 for the entire family. Before the fireworks begin, grab a few America tees or onesies and add your own DIY flare to ensure your gang is Instagram-ready!

It’s also a fun hands-on DIY project for the kids that they’ll be proud to wear this summer.

Here are 6 ways to add a little DIY bling to your $5.00 Old Navy T-shirt for the 4th of July:


1. Tie-dye your Old Navy baby onesie in red, white and blue.

The dye is runny and permanent, so protect your work surface by covering it well.

I use zip ties with my tie-dye projects instead of rubber bands (you’ll get cleaner lines this way). You’ll need a few pairs of gloves (one pair for each color) and a mini tie-dye kit with red and blue dye — I picked mine up at JoAnn’s with a 40% off coupon!

Twist the onesie from the top right-hand side, and fasten the zip ties into place.

With the zip ties secured, mix your dye as instructed. Apply the dye to the onesie in sections, skipping sections that you want to stay white. Be careful — if you add too much dye, the colors can bleed together and you’ll end up with a purple onesie.

When you’re done with the dye, place your onesie in a plastic bag and put it in the sun for 6-8 hours.

Rinse the onesie under warm water with the zip ties still in place until the water runs clear.

Carefully remove the zip ties and wash the onesie in your washing machine on the hottest setting. The heat helps the ink to set. And remember… DO NOT wash it with any other items the first time, because some of the ink may transfer.


2. Make an American starburst Old Navy tank top.

Get your hands on a star stencil or make your own.

I printed a star off the internet and traced the design onto the matte side of freezer paper. Then I used scissors to cut out the star (an X-acto knife works well too.)

Apply the stars, shiny-side down to your tank top by placing a piece of fabric (like a pillowcase) between the freezer paper and your iron. Hold the iron in place for a few seconds. The freezer paper will adhere to the shirt without hurting the fabric.

Next, apply red and blue fabric paint to your shirt by dipping a pencil eraser in the paint. For best results, make sure each star is fully outlined with dots.

When the paint is dry, just remove the freezer paper!


3. Paint an American flag on your Old Navy t-shirt.

Apply painters tape in a flag pattern — you can make the lines diagonal or straight. Then use a foam brush to apply red paint along the stripes.

When the fabric paint is dry, cut stars from freezer paper and use an iron to apply them to the shirt, shiny-side down.

After the stars have adhered to the shirt, apply blue fabric paint around the stars. Be careful not to pull up the points of the stars as you paint.

When the paint is completely dry, remove the freezer paper and painters tape.

TIP: Place a piece of fabric such as a pillow case between your iron and the freezer paper to avoid getting any residue on your iron. I skipped this step and learned the hard way!



4. Add an American bow to the back of your Old Navy tank top.

In seconds, you can transform your tank top with an American flag bow.

Walmart, JoAnn Fabric, Hobby Lobby, Michaels and the Dollar Tree sell bows like this with a small tie on the back to secure it to the tank top.


5. Paint fireworks across your Old Navy T-shirt.

For this firework shirt, you’ll need a few bendy straws, tape, a paint brush and fabric paint.

Use tape at the top and bottom to hold seven bendy straws together. Bend the necks of the straws outward. Then, apply fabric paint to the neck of each straw. Press the straws down on the shirt to transfer the paint.

Rotate and repeat until the shirt is bursting with fireworks!


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6. Cut and tie your T-shirt sleeves with patriotic beads.

You’ll need scissors plus red, white and blue beads. Use the scissors to cut the neck off your shirt and down the shoulder and sleeves.

Begin making three- to four-inch cuts into the shirt about one inch apart. Thread red, white and blue beads onto one of the pair of front and back fringes; tie the two fringes in a knot. Continue until all fringes are beaded and tied.


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6 Ways to Bling Out Your $5 Old Navy Shirt for the 4th of July