Boots, coats, gloves and bags–this time of year they can overrun your entryway. Create an attractive drop zone and clear the piles from the floor with mudroom furniture from Pottery Barn. This inspiration area also features a large clock to keep the crew on time and a durable, classic monogrammed doormat to wipe away the dirt and snow.

The Blacksmith Shoe Rack creates an efficient space to store shoes and provides a sturdy bench for easy shoe removal. The rack, constructed of metal and wood, sells at Pottery Barn for $129. Ikea's PORTIS Shoe Rack is made from durable metal and holds up to eight pairs of shoes.The cost is a fraction of the Pottery Barn option: only $24.99! Savings: $104 (80%).


Hang your hats and coats on the stylish Blacksmith Coat Rack (designed to coordinate with the shoe rack featured above). Its hand-forged style lends a rustic element to any entryway and has a cost of $199. Once again, Ikea's PORTIS line features a knockoff hat and coat rack, and the cost is $29.99. Savings: $169 (85%).










The Blacksmith Wall-Mount Bar with Hooks gets bags and other items off the floor and within easy reach when dashing out the door. The curved hooks on the hand-forged rail are both decorative and functional, all for a cost of $89. Target's Essick Hook Rail is stylish with a hand-rubbed finish and four hooks with a cost of $19.99. Savings: $69 (78%).

Leave the mess outside with a sturdy Monogrammed Doormat from Pottery Barn. It is made from durable coir and features a monogram for a personal touch. It is available in a variety of sizes, including a medium 22 inch by 36 inch rectangle for $59. The Geo Crafts, Inc. Imperial Single Border Doormat from Wal-Mart makes the same stylish statement. The medium-sized 18 inch by 30 inch rug starts at $26.99. Savings: $32 (55%).

Keep the crew on time with an over-sized clock in a fun, vintage license plate design. The Antique License Plates Wall Clock from Bella Soleil has a large 29-inch diameter and costs $184.80. Kmart sells a nearly identical Round License Plate Clock by King Imports for only $48.59. Savings: $136.21 (74%).

Knockout Knockoffs: Pottery Barn Blacksmith Entry Mudroom