Wayfair is one of a few companies that resells returned items at a discount, which they call “Open Box.” When Wayfair products are returned, company employees then inspect these items and, if they pass inspection, sell them at a discount. Wayfair’s Open Box selection is easily the largest selection I’ve ever found, with more than 20,000 discounted items to choose from.

Although Wayfair promises big savings on its Open Box inventory, many of the items I found were discounted only at 20 – 30%. The good news is savings of 40% and much more are definitely within reach if you know where to look. That’s where I come in. Read on for tips to make Wayfair’s Open Box worth your time.

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1. You can return some Wayfair Open Box items but not all.

It’s Wayfair‘s official policy that Open Box items can’t be returned, but you can call Wayfair’s customer service and ask if they’ll make an exception. Representatives I spoke with told me that the policy depends on your product, so it’s worth a shot. If your item is damaged or defective, there’s a good chance you’ll be eligible for a return and refund, because, hey — it shouldn’t have passed inspection.


2. You can save at least 30% on indoor lighting from Wayfair’s Open Box.

Open Box is a worthwhile place to look for indoor lighting. Lots of inventory and savings around 40% were normal. I found this polished nickel floor lamp from Three Posts at 34% off. These lights normally run $122.54 on Wayfair full price, but I found them on Open Box for $81.41. That’s $41.13 saved!

The other factor here is that I didn’t find many places that offered lighting options with Open Box discounts. Ray’s List from Menards was the only one, but those products all had to be picked up in store. I’ll take the convenience on top of over 30% off here.


3. Wayfair’s huge selection of Open Box bedding goes for 60% off reg. price.

Pottery Barn and West Elm really have nothing on Wayfair when it comes to their Open Box bedding selection. Wayfair has more than 450 bedding options discounted with the Open Box Rate, whereas Pottery Barn and West Elm combined had less than 10 options when I checked.

And neither site came close to Wayfair’s savings when I found this queen-size, 6-piece comforter set (reg. $113.99) for $37.62 — that’s 67% savings!


4. Glassware on Open Box sells for 75% less per glass than on Amazon.

My favorite deal on Open Box was a set of six, crystal red wine glasses for $16.50. Amazon had two glasses that didn’t look as cool for $22. Deals like this are where Open Box wins me over.


5. Wall art canvases get marked down to 68% off.

Wayfair claims to have applied the Open Box discount to 2,951 items in the wall art category. I like your chances of finding something you dig, plus you don’t have to worry about any mechanical damage.

I listened to Taylor Swift’s “Folklore” for the first time about a month ago. Now I traffic exclusively in moody nature art, which means this “Winter Mist” canvas print was perfect. This 20″ x 24″ print in a gold frame is normally $58.37, but it was $19.27 on Open Box, which saved me 68%.



6. You can call customer service and ask nicely for 10 – 15% savings.

Wayfair is known to give 10 – 15% off to those who call customer service before they order and use their best manners. If this doesn’t work, sign up for email updates to get a promo code, which you can stack with your Open Box purchase.


7. Buy furniture during a Wayfair sale, not through Open Box.

It’s worth waiting for holiday sales if you missed WayDay or Wayfair’s Black Friday event.

With furniture specifically, I found that savings through these holiday events were usually around 35%, whereas Open Box furniture items were most commonly around 25%.

Check out the prices on discounted furniture pieces from Wayfair’s Fourth of July sale:

Here’s how similar items look through Open Box:


8. Wayfair’s Open Box deals fall short on appliances — shop Best Buy instead.

Don’t count on finding appliances larger than a coffee maker or air fryer on Wayfair’s Open Box. I should note that both of those appliances were 25% off of full price through Wayfair’s Open Box.

But Best Buy does Open Box, too, and it’s way better for appliances. Best Buy not only matched those savings on coffee makers and air fryers, they also have a significantly better selection of large appliances such as refrigerators, washers, and dryers.


9. Looking for rugs? Pottery Barn and West Elm blow Wayfair Open Box away.

I was pretty surprised to find close to nothing in the rug department on Wayfair’s Open Box, as they have such a wide selection under their normal prices.

Oddly, Pottery Barn and West Elm both come through here, and on both sites I found both hand-woven and printed rugs discounted at 40% off. My favorite was this Barret Hand Loomed Rug (reg. $1,049) for $629.99, a 40% savings.


What’s your experience been with Open Box? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

9 Things to Consider Before Shopping Wayfair's Open Box