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Navigating Wayfair deals on the retailer’s website isn’t exactly intuitive. With thousands of products sourced everywhere from NYC to Middle Earth, it’s easy to get lost for days clicking on chairs that all start to look the same, whispering under your breath, “Do you really have just what I need, Wayfair? Do you?!” We’ve created a map, of sorts, to guide you on your home shopping journey.

Here’s how to find the best Wayfair deals.


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1. Don’t Google “Wayfair Coupon Code” because, like privacy, it doesn’t exist on the internets.

Wayfair coupon in the mail

Wayfair guards its promo codes. You’re only going to get a special Wayfair coupon or promo code if you:

  • Hand over your data. In other words, register on their site. They will send coupon codes of 10–15% off to your inbox, usually after you buy something or first sign up. They expire, so pay attention.
  • Call customer service and ask, very nicely. Customer service reps can give you 10–15% off if and only if you place an order over the phone with them. They are more likely to do this if you are a member of their professional program (more on that below).
  • Sign up for a Wayfair credit card (more on that below too).


2. You can stack promo codes on top of any sale.

10% off Wayfair coupon in the mail

This includes regular sales, special sales, Open Box, clearance, daily sales. But, no stacking promo codes or coupon codes—only one code per order.

The catch is that Wayfair has a fairly extensive list of brands that are excluded from promo codes. If you want one of those items at a discount, your best bet will be to call customer service.


3. Even better than Wayfair Black Friday is WayDay in April.

If you can, wait for WayDay on April 10 to shop for big ticket items or redecorate your living room.

WayDay is the much-anticipated, single day, annual clearance event, where items are marked down as much as 80% off. A customer service rep told me that Wayfair starts negotiating prices with its vendors months in advance and that their profit margins are ridiculously low to zero. This is why the sale only lasts one day (usually). Wayfair also offers triple points for every purchase for its credit card customers (more on that later).

In 2020, WayDay was in April; in 2021, it’s at the very end of the month and it’s TWO DAYS: April 28 and 29.

Before you read more, bookmark the KCL’s Wayfair deals page!


4. Don’t buy anything unless it’s on sale.

Don't buy anything on Wayfair unless it's on sale.

Wayfair has a sale about once a month, so it’s best to wait and jump on those deals. The best Wayfair sales in order of deals:

  • WayDay: Up to 80% off
  • Black Friday: Up to 80% off
  • Long Weekend Holidays (Labor Day, Columbus Day): Up to 75% off
  • Clearance events: Up to 60% off
  • Daily Deals: Up to 50% off


5. If you really want an item that’s not on sale, put it in your cart.

Wayfair will email-nag you from time to time about purchasing items in your cart, “Saved for Later” or in your “Favorites,” sometimes even incentivizing you with promo codes if you ghost them just a ‘lil.

The bonus: they will let you know if stock is low or if the item has been reduced! I put a desk chair in my cart for $162 and two days later, I received an email with the subject line: “Price Drop Alert!” The chair was reduced another $20!



6. Wayfair partner sites are really just more Wayfair.

Wayfair partner sites are really just more Wayfair.

While each site has its own brand, they all fall under the Wayfair company umbrella. You’ll often see the same products on multiple sites. This is very important because you can search for identical items and compare prices on each site (see my next point).


7. Wayfair price match happens (unofficially) with its partner sites.

Wayfair will unofficially price match with its partner sites.

Wayfair marks products down automatically through its software, so no human employees know when a product is going to be marked down, unless it’s a planned sale, like WayDay or Black Friday. That means that an item on one site might be priced lower on another, especially if that item is a Wayfair proprietary brand! I was looking at the Natural Wood Clock on Wayfair, priced at $93.99.

But, I saw that it was a Wayfair “Brand” (Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse) so I jumped over to Joss & Main and found the same product, priced at $84.99 but not listed under any brand name. That’s a $9 savings!

Wayfair does not price match with any of its competitors, though, so don’t even ask.


8. Be critical of Wayfair’s proprietary brand pricing.

Be critical of Wayfair proprietary brand pricing.

Wayfair owns more than 80 proprietary “brands,” for which they source products from over 11,000 suppliers worldwide and drop ship them to the customer. This vase is from “Laurel Foundry,” a Wayfair brand. Wayfair sets the prices kind of willy nilly, so look at each item and ask yourself: Would anyone really pay $250.04 for a green vase with a tongue twister written on it? Or even $37.99?

Even if you order from a Wayfair brand like “Bungalow Rose,” you may get a box with a completely different, real-life brand name printed on the side, like, Safavieh. That’s because they sourced that product from Safavieh and sold it under their “brand.”

Some of the Wayfair Lifestyle Brands:

  • Andover Mills
  • Breakwater Bay
  • Lark Manor
  • Mercury Row
  • Three Posts
  • Zipcode Design
  • Bungalow Rose
  • Laurel Foundry
  • Brayden Studio
  • Millwood Pines
  • Loon Peak
  • Winston Porter
  • Gracie Oaks
  • Beachcrest Home
  • Hashtag Home

PRO TIP: When you see these brands, browse the partner sites for products in the same category in case the same product is sold under a different name for a potentially better price.


9. I can’t say it enough: Call Wayfair customer service before you order. On the phone.

Call Wayfair customer service before you order.

Unlike most online stores, which really just want you to order online and leave them alone, Wayfair luurves to chat on the phone. A quick call to customer service with the pricing I found on Joss & Main on that clock got me a price match at Wayfair, and free expedited shipping because I wanted it sooner (a $25 value!). I know, I know, Wayfair doesn’t price match. And you might not have luck with this, but then again, you might. So I’m leaving it in.

Because here’s the deal: If they say no, just buy it from the partner site! Same thing, right?


10. Wayfair Professional gives insider discounts to anyone who side gigs in any capacity.

Wayfair Professional Price Comparison

Wayfair Professional is a free program that unlocks special insider deals on basically everything and gives you access to commercial products not available on the regular site, like flooring or office furniture. You don’t have to have a business license or EIN to register, even though that’s what they ask for online.

All you have to do is call. If you are a self-employed person of any type, you can use your first and last name as your company and your social security number as your tax ID, or EIN. Once you register and sign in, you find yourself in a magical portal called the “Wayfair Professional” site that looks like their normal site—but it’s better. So, so much better.

Look for items labeled “Commercial Use,” as these will give you at least a 15% savings as a member of Wayfair Professional. As a Wayfair Pro, I saved about $32 on this slipper chair.


11. Plus, you can lock in deals for thirty days when you use Wayfair Professional.

Lock in a price with Wayfair professional.

With Wayfair Professional, you get your very own personal human account manager, with a direct line and email. My new best friend is named Brianna. She told me that I could lock in the price on any item I’m eyeing for thirty days and work with her to get better deals.

Here’s how:

  1. On the Wayfair Professional Site, find the item you like and click the heart in the right corner, putting it in your “Favorites.”
  2. On the upper right bar next to your “Account” icon, click on the “Projects,” icon, which is a house with a heart in it.
  3. Click the “See More Options” button near the “Sort By” pull-down menu on the right.
  4. Select the items you want to quote by clicking the box in the upper right corner of each.
  5. Down on the bottom right a menu will pop up that allows you to “Create a Quote.” Click that button.

Now Brianna will go to work and send a quote to your email. Call her/email her and she will keep giving you her lowest price possible. Sometimes she can’t go any lower, as it’s low enough, but often this isn’t the case.



12. The MyWay Loyalty program was discontinued in March 2020. But it wasn’t that awesome.

For $29 a year, the Wayfair MyWay Loyalty program can save you money on shipping, kind of.

The loyalty program was put into place to save you money on shipping for orders under $49 (everyone gets free shipping on orders over $49) and 25% off assembly/special delivery, but that’s about all it did. So we aren’t missing the since-deceased MyWay Loyalty program.


13. The Wayfair Credit Card gets you a decent 5% cash back. But it’s a credit card.

The Wayfair Credit Card only gets you a measly 3% cash back on future purchases.

Here’s how the Wayfair credit card works:

  • When you use your card, you can select two options: special financing, OR 5% cash back on your purchase. You can’t have both.
  • Wayfair gives you $40 off your first purchase of $250 or more, if you select the 5% cash back option. You can’t stack this introductory offer with any other promo code on the site.
  • For every dollar you spend you get a point. When you get to 200 points you can redeem them for $6 in rewards. And as far as store credit cards go, that’s a pretty weak offer when competitors like Pottery Barn and West Elm offer 10% cash back with their credit cards. Remember, if you choose the financing option, you don’t get the cash back.
  • If credit card customers review a product on Wayfair, AllModern, or Birch Lane, they are entered to win up to $500 in rewards dollars.
  • Keep in mind that the interest is high, like anywhere from 26%-29%. Yikes! If you let your balance roll over, you’ve pretty much negated all the rewards etc.


14. Don’t believe the hype about Wayfair Daily Deals.

Don't believe the hype about Wayfair Daily Deals.

Wayfair’s sale section is where supposedly limited-time daily deals live.

They have time counters under every offering, indicating that the deal will go away in that amount of time, but it usually doesn’t, unless it’s a limited-time sale, like Black Friday. So don’t freak out or believe the hype.


15. Set Wayfair as a favorite in your KCL app to track the latest Wayfair deals.

Set Wayfair as a favorite on your KCL app to track the latest Wayfair deals.

If you have enough to do without visiting the Wayfair site every minute of the day, worry not. KCL is busy searching for the best deals for you around the clock. Just “favorite” Wayfair in the KCL app and let us do the hunting. I recommend you do this before the WayDay sale, as our deal hunters will be publishing the best of the best.


16. Wayfair Open Box items are great deals … but you’re stuck with them for life.

Wayfair’s Open Box section is full of good deals—it’s basically Wayfair’s clearance section of returned, unused items. Open Box items have been inspected by their returns department to verify that they’re in good condition.

You can use a promo code or rewards dollars with Open Box. But, you get what you get—Open Box items can’t be returned (again).

This is how Open Box works: Here is a Delta Trinsic faucet in Venetian Bronze regular price on Wayfair.com.

Wayfair Regular Price Delta Faucet 2019


Here is the same faucet, business price on Wayfair.com, about $16 less.

Wayfair business priced Delta faucet.


Here is the same faucet, Open Box on Wayfair.com, about $145 less than business pricing! If you can find it on Open Box and you know it’s what you want, I say go for it!

Wayfair Open Box Delta Faucet 2019


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