Our city's recycling program doesn’t offer a service for glass items so I’m always thinking up other uses for my glass jars because I hate to just throw them away. I have sweet memories of my grandmother's china hutch being filled with beautiful milk glass and recently discovered how easy it is to turn regular glass bottles into this lovely glass. For this project, I used pickle and jam jars; bottles that once held soy sauce, hot sauce and spaghetti sauce; and a few old vases that have been hiding out in my cupboard for the last decade or so. I think they look so dreamy and creamy—they’re the perfect décor for spring.

Materials Needed

  • Any glass jar or bottle, cleaned and completely dried
  • Ceramic or latex paint ($2.00)


  1. Make sure your bottle is totally clean and dry. Any moisture will cause your paint to streak.
  2. Completely coat the inside of the glass by pouring the paint in and allowing it to run and cover every surface by slowly turning the bottle. The little bottles that craft paint come in work great for squeezing the paint in.
  3. Once it’s coated, turn your bottle upside down and let any excess paint drain out.
  4. Wipe off the rim of the bottle.
  5. I wanted my bottles to have varying shades of pink so I started with a light pink ceramic paint for my first jar. After I finished, the paint was about half gone. I then poured white paint in on top of the pink paint and mixed them together to create a paler shade of pink. I continued this process again and again for each new glass, thereby creating a lighter shade of pink for each one.
  6. Be patient as you wait for the paint to dry. It may take a day or two for it to completely cure.
  7. The glass is beautiful on its own, but if you want to add fresh flowers, don't fill your vases with water (since latex and ceramic are water soluble). Use those little plastic vials that florists put on the end of flowers.

Make Your Own Milk Glass