Finding alternative uses for items I routinely use every day is a contest I have with myself. One alternative product that I use for more than just making coffee is the coffee filter. Coffee filters are known for their “wet strength” or ability to withstand moisture. Another quality that coffee filters possess is that they are lint-free. This means that they don’t leave the fibers that a paper towel will on surfaces, yet they are thick enough to be used in many alternative ways.

What’s my favorite way to use coffee filters? I love using them to help save my pricey cast iron cookware from rusting! Here’s how it works:

Once cast iron cookware starts rusting, it’s done for, and more often than not, you have to throw it away. To save yourself from this grief, you have to ensure proper storage. Here’s where a cheap coffee filter comes into play. Because paper coffee filters love moisture, just set a dry filter in your favorite pot when storing. It’ll soak up any excess grease or water when your cast iron pot is not in use and voila! Your favorite pot’s life was just extended!


Protect Your Cast Iron Pot with One Simple Tip!