Move over, wine lovers. The craft beer snobs have arrived and are here to stay! While craft beer is delicious, it’s definitely not cheap. According to MSN Money, alcohol prices increased as much as 11.2% between 2012 and 2013. Perhaps that's due to the new enthusiasm for craft beer! Either way, that’s quite a painful jump for those who enjoy quality adult beverages and are on a budget. And with the Super Bowl coming up, providing a cooler full of premium beer for your friends may be something to worry about if they're not too keen on Bud Light. To lighten the blow, here are four ways to save on craft beer:

1. Brew your own

If you can make cupcakes, you can brew your own beer. This will save you money in the long run if you consistently drink craft brews. Sites like charge around $60 for a starter kit, but consider it an investment since the equipment can be used again and again. Most batches take about a month to ferment and will make approximately two gallons (the equivalent to about 22 beers at 12 ounces each). After about two batches, you'll break even on the equipment if you normally spend about $9 for a six-pack. And when you continue brewing after that, costs should only run you about $5 for a six-pack.

2. Buy mixed 6-packs

A lot of grocery store chains and even smaller shops allow customers to create their own six packs—if you're adventurous, why wouldn't you? I love sampling different brews this way and taking advantage of the discounted price. There are many varieties of craft beer out there, so it doesn't make sense to purchase six bottles of a brew you've never had. Sample, and then decide what's worth your money. A lot of craft beer bottles run about $2 each, so if you purchase a mixed six-pack for $9, you could potentially be saving at least $3.

3. Shop around

This may be time consuming, but as couponers, we all know that shopping around for the best deal is one of the easiest ways to save money. makes it convenient by providing deals on beer in areas across the country. You can also filter options to see who has the best deal on your favorite beer in your town. When you find a good retailer, ask its employees for recommendations for similar, possibly less-expensive brews.

4. Go to a growler-filling shop

Check to see if your city has a growler-filling shop. Growlers are typically 60-ounce, brown glass jugs used for stowing draft beer.  You can purchase these jugs at breweries, restaurants or at specialty adult beverage stores for quick and tasty cost-effective refills.  You can often sample beer for free at the refill station, helping you decide what you want prior to throwing down your hard-earned cash. Then, once you decide on your favorite ale, you can head home and enjoy draft beer on your own time—without spending $6 per pint like you would at the bar. Most growler fills range from $5–15, depending on the beverage.

4 Ways to Save on Craft Beer