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Those little silica packets are included in everything, and I always feel super weird about throwing them away. But it turns out I don’t have to!

Here are 23 ways to use them instead of tossing them:


1. Prevent tools from rusting.

via Boredom Therapy

Just toss a few into your toolbox.

TIP: This also works for your cast-iron skillet!


2. Make your razor last longer.

via Cleverly

Put some silica packs around your razors to keep moisture off the blades.


3. Keep your gym bag smelling fresh.

via Daily Mail

Throw a few in the bottom of the bag to soak up some of that gym smell.

This also works in your makeup bag!


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4. Preserve your old papers and photos.

via Postal Museum

Whether you store photos in a plastic bag or box, just slip a few silica packs in when you’re organizing. They will help keep your photos dry, no matter how humid it gets.


5. Save your phone after you drop it in water.

via Daily Mail

Hey, we’ve all been there! Put your phone in a plastic bag with silica packets for 48 hours next time. It works better than rice! (Trust me.)


6. Make your jack-o’-lantern last longer.

To prevent rot, put a silica packet in each jack-o’-lantern.


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7. Keep your linen closets smelling fresh and clean.

via Happy Organized Life

Let’s face it, linen closets can get musty. Putting a silica pack on each shelf the next time you re-organize can help. Just remember to change them out every few months.


8. Dry flowers without letting them get moldy.

via Daily Mail

Open a few silica packs and pour the contents into an airtight container. Place your flowers in with the silica, and they’ll dry pretty without a trace of mold.


9. Help keep your windshield fog-free.

via BuzzFeed

Foggy driving is the worst. Keep some silica packs in your glove box to toss onto the dash. This is especially helpful if your defroster isn’t great.


10. Put them in your clothes hamper to help neutralize odor.

via Huff Post

Keep them in the bottom of your hamper, and you won’t be reminded of your laundry every time you walk by.


11. Store packets with your underwater camera to reduce fog.

via 2 Padi

When you’re done with your scuba sesh, toss your underwater camera in a plastic bag with a silica packet. It will help cut down on those weird streaks that creep across the view screen.


12. Keep them with your regular cameras to protect the lens!

via CameraKai

Store them with your camera bag if you live in areas that experience high humidity. Your lenses will thank you.


13. Keep your silver looking new.

Put them in your jewelry box and in with your nice silverware. The silver won’t tarnish as quickly!


14. Keep garden seeds from molding.

via Little Eco Footprints

If you don’t use up all of your seed packets, store them with silica to keep them fresh for next year.


15. Keep some on your windowsill during the winter months.

This will help with that pesky indoor condensation that sneaks in all winter.

TIP: This works best if you empty the packets into a cup. Just make sure your kiddos and pets can’t reach!


16. Keep your pet food from getting soggy.

via Living Well on the Cheap

Transfer pet food to a bin and tape the silica packs to the underside of the lid.


17. Get that musty smell out of old books.

Just keep some packets stored around your bookcase or in some of the pages to keep books clean and fresh.


18. De-moisturize swim bags.

via Daily Mail

They’ll prevent that mildew smell when you (inevitably) forget to pull your wet swimsuit out of the bag after you get home.


19. Put them in coat pockets to keep them fresh.

When you’re done wearing your coat for the season, slip a couple silica packs in the pockets to help keep the fabric from being musty for next year.


20. Stash them in your spice cabinet to improve and extend freshness.
You can even slide them directly into the spice bottles. It’s great for those spices you only use a few times a year!


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