Some people walk into a fast food joint, pick something off the menu, pay for it, and eat.

I’m not those people. I’ve found some sweet ways to save money at Wendy’s — all things you can do, too.

So get ready to get your Frosty on. Here’s what you do:


1. Download the Wendy’s app for freebies.

Freebies have been pretty regular on the Wendy’s app.

So far they’ve given away a free burger with purchase, free fries with purchase, free nuggets with purchase — even a free half-size salad. And buying a $0.50 Frosty is a qualified purchase.

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2. Score a $0.50 Frosty for a limited time.

Wendy’s periodically does their half-off Frosty deal, which makes any small Frosty $0.50.

It’s never clear how long the promotion lasts, so get your Frosty fix fast when this deal pops up.


3. Get a coupon for $1 off, a free Frosty, or other goodies by signing up for Wendy’s emails.

Most Wendy’s discounts come through the app, but it is still possible to score a coupon by signing up for their emails.

The coupon can vary, but in the past they’ve offered $1 off, a free Frosty, and a free small fries!

You can print the coupon at home; otherwise, it will show up in your app.


4. Get a free Frosty just for being born.

Wendy’s has offered free birthday Frosties and $1 off coupons in the past, so make sure you enter your B-day when you sign up for the app.

See our list of places for free food on your birthday, if that’s your thing. Which it should be.


5. Still need more Frosties in your life? Buy a Boo! Book.

Boo! Books are available at participating Wendy’s during the months of September and October. They cost a buck and with it you get 5 Junior Frosties — while benefitting foster children.

TIP: Grab them before Halloween to hand out to trick-or-treaters! It’s just one of our many non-candy ideas for Halloween.



6. Get a secret veggie sandwich for just over $1.00.

Not feelin’ the beef today but don’t want a salad? No prob. Just order a Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe from the value menu for just over $1. Ask them to hold the meat but double all of the veggies for free.

Pair it with a baked potato for a vegetarian meal that’s around $4.


7. Sign up for Vet Rewards if you served.

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The Veterans Advantage program sends veterans exclusive rewards and offers all year via the monthly “WendyMail,” and even more freebies around patriotic holidays.

You have to sign up for WendyMail if you want the app, but they’ll load any discounts you receive through WendyMail to the app for you


8. Hit them up between 2-4 p.m. for the fastest service.

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If you want as little wait time as possible, shoot for a mid-afternoon burger run between 2 and 4. Between lunch and dinner is the slowest time of the day.

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9. Skip the Facebook page, but Twitter offers free beefy laughs.

Wendy’s doesn’t do special deals on their social media accounts, but their Twitter feed is freaking hilarious. It’s worth a look.


10. Buy the freshest salad as close to 9 a.m. as you can.

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Wendy’s has a darn good salad menu, and they don’t keep yesterday’s greens.

Still, the salads are premade between 7 and 9 a.m., so if you want as fresh as possible, don’t make that your late night order.



11. Speaking of salads, save a quick buck-fifty by assembling your own chicken Caesar salad.

A half-size spicy chicken Caesar salad at Wendy’s will run you $4.49.

Instead, buy a $1.79 side Caesar salad and $1.19 four-piece chicken nuggets, ask for spicy Caesar dressing, and create your own to save an easy $1.51.


12. Order a Dave’s Double Stack instead of a Dave’s Single to save $0.93/oz.

Just skip the traditional Dave’s Single. It has one 4 oz. patty with an extra slice of cheese and veggies. But it’s over $4, which comes out to over $1 an ounce!

Instead, go for the Dave’s Double Stack. At less than 2 bucks for two 2 oz. patties and cheese, it’s only 0.7 cents per ounce of beef. (Remember to pile on the veggies for free!)


13. And when you order the Double Stack, you’ll save $1.06 by getting it on the 4 for $4 menu.

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If you buy a Double Stack on its own, you’ll pay $2.09, making it the most expensive individual item on the 4 for $4.

Get it with a small drink, small fry, and 4-piece nuggets to save some cash.


13. Buy a gift card from Gift Card Granny to save up to $5 on Wendy’s food.

Head over to Gift Card Granny to score a Wendy’s gift card for up to $5 dollars off the loaded amount before you make your way to the drive thru.

TIP: Load the gift card to your app so you don’t have to worry about leaving it at home.


14. Order through DoorDash if you don’t want to leave your house.

DoorDash isn’t cheap at a standard $6 delivery charge, but sometimes you don’t want to wear pants..

When the Netflix binge is real, order through the DoorDash app and they’ll bring the Baconator to you.

TIP: DoorDash is free during football season! Just order during a game and you’re set.

15. Work for Wendy’s to get 50% off one meal per shift.

Want to work for Wendy’s? Great! They’ll give you 50% off one meal per shift — anything on the menu, with a maximum discount of $6.

When you’re not working, you get a VIP card that gives you 25% off the menu and any size drink for free.



16. Give them your opinion to score freebies.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll get a freebie if you offer unsolicited feedback, but it’s possible.

If you have constructive criticism to offer, call their customer care number and let them know. They might follow up with certificates for drinks, fries or burgers.

TIP: See our full list of restaurants that will give you freebies for offering feedback.


17. Skip the soda and save up to $2.19.

Soda is one of the biggest moneymakers for restaurants, and Wendy’s is no exception.

Your large soda costs them less than $0.25, yet you fork over $2.19. Order a water instead (or if you’re fancy, a carbonated water). Your wallet will thank you.


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18 Ways to Save Money Eating at Wendy's