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21 Non-Candy Halloween Treats Everyone Will Love

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Non-candy Halloween treats? Yep, they do exist. Anyone who has taken a child trick-or-treating knows those Halloween bags can fill up fast. The amount of candy can be staggering — and unhealthy. Sometimes it’s wasteful, too, as many parents end up throwing a lot away. That’s when Halloween candy alternatives come in!

Whether you’re sick of the candy lying around your house as you wait for trick-or-treaters to come, or just want to switch it up this year, there are a lot of unique, non-candy ideas for Halloween. Plus, those with health conditions that need blood sugar regulation will appreciate some non-candy Halloween treats.

As long as you’re not giving out candy, make it easy for trick-or-treaters and put out a teal pumpkin to notify visitors that you have non-food treats. Teal Pumpkin Project is from Food Allergy Research & Education, which shows inclusion to children with severe medical conditions and food allergies.

With this year’s Halloween candy shortage, you’re better off without all of the sugar anyway. Consider these Halloween candy alternatives that are both functional and fun.

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1. Hand out spooky adhesive bandages as Halloween candy alternatives.

A person's hand holding two boxes of superhero Band-Aids in front of a Target shopping cart.

Take the spooky route and grab a box of scary bandages, like these booboo monsters from Amazon where you get 20 for under $10. Kids — and adults — are bound to get hurt on Halloween in all sorts of ways.

Since these bandages can be seasonal finds, character bandages like Marvel Avengers, Paw Patrol, and Pokemon are just as cute. The cover up will instantly make it feel better.


2. Pass out fortune cookies as a non-candy Halloween treat idea.

Orange and black fortune cookies with a piece of paper that reads, "A crazy bat will get stuck in your hair" on a white background.

Courtesy of Oriental Trading

Go for Halloween-themed fortunes through Oriental Trading where you get 50 cookies for $11.99. Or buy regular fortune cookies. Walmart’s fortune cookies range from $8 – $60, depending on the quantity. Either way, kids have something to look forward to reading.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, a fortune cookie recipe is something to consider.


3. Throw a bouncy ball into a trick-or-treat bag.

A close up on a huge pile of colorful bouncy balls.

Bouncy balls are not only entertaining, but they also come in every imaginable design. Places like Oriental Trading carry these in bulk for as low as 50 for $19.99. These non-candy treats are obviously ideal for older kids, since small objects aren’t for younger children.


4. Give out monster bookmarks for non-candy Halloween treats.

Halloween color-your-own bookmarks on a table with some books.

Inspire the reader in every kid. Try this easy tutorial using cardstock paper. Of course, there are Halloween color-your-own bookmarks that our recipients may enjoy more. Or the bulk Halloween bookmarks. Either way, pair the bookmarks with a book from Dollar Tree and toss them in a small treat bag for a memorable non-candy Halloween treat.



5. Opt for cereal bars instead of candy.

Two boxes of Nature Valley bars sitting on a kitchen counter.

Here’s a healthier option that kids still love eating. You can get 49 Nature Valley crunchy bars from Costco for about $10. That’s one heck of a deal. Plus, you know that you’ve got 49 trick-or-treaters covered, so try these other tips for more ideas.



6. Hand out Halloween-themed erasers as Halloween candy alternatives.

A close-up on pumpkin shaped erasers.

Little kids love decorating their pencils. Check your local Dollar Tree first where you can often find a dozen Halloween-themed erasers for $1.25. If they’re sold out, Amazon has bulk emoji erasers with faces of black cats, skeletons, and jack-o’-lanterns. A 2-for-1 pencil/eraser combo could make you a standout neighbor.


7. Offer trick-or-treaters real fruit leather.

Different flavored Stretch Island fruit leathers laid out on a white surface, with a hand picking one up.

You can buy a box of 48 eco-friendly ones for less than $20 on Amazon. In addition to zero grams of sugar, there are assorted flavors, they’re vegan, and they’re gluten free. With ingredients like that, you’re bound to satisfy kids of various dietary needs.

No matter the brand, pick a low-sugar alternative to avoid the whole high-sugar idea. Fruit leathers and fruit snacks are also great options for post-Halloween activities.


8. Another Halloween candy alternative? Throw a glow stick in a trick-or-treater’s bag.

a person holding a variety of multi-colored glow sticks in the dark

Who doesn’t love glow sticks? They’re the perfect tool to guide you in your dark Halloween activities or fun just to have in your room. Get a variety pack from Walmart: 100 pieces for under $15. With any extra, make an easy DIY Halloween craft.



9. Hand out Goldfish cracker snack packs.

A person's hand holding up two snack packs of Goldfish crackers in front of a counter.

What kid doesn’t love Goldfish? In the past, Halloween Goldfish have sold out quickly. In fact, as of writing this article, websites like Amazon, Boxed, and Sam’s Club don’t have any in stock.

Considering there’s no special Halloween flavor (just spooky packaging), stick with the traditional flavors. Watch these three outlets for best prices:

Goldfish coupons are your best bet if you’re planning to hand them out.


10. Send trick-or-treaters off with googly eyes.

A huge pile of different sized googly eyes.

Nothing beats a good laugh more than putting googly eyes on sippy cups or bananas. Amazon Prime members can get a bag of 500 for less than $10. These self-adhesive eyes are great for crafts or applying all over your face.


11. Give out colorful hair accessories.

A woman holding an ice cube tray filled with colorful hair accessories.

While Halloween-themed hair accessories are always fun, regular ones last all year. Nowadays, it’s not just kids wearing barrettes. Somehow ’80s fashion has infiltrated the 2000s, and good, old-fashioned plastic colorful barrettes are back. Just be mindful of who to distribute to, since they’re small and can be choking hazards.



12. Pass out organic juice boxes as non-candy Halloween treats.

A box of Honest Kids juice pouches on a kitchen counter.

After a long day of trick-or-treating, a nice beverage really hits the spot. Heck, it’s great for adults too. Walmart sells 40-count, 6-ounce Honest Kids Organic Variety Juice Packs for under $20. Prepare to be the most popular neighbor on the block.


13. Let kids pick out a mini Army guy or two.

Four green plastic army soldiers set up on a white background.

When it comes to passing out non-candy Halloween treats, toys are instant winners. You don’t have to spend a lot to make this happen. Yeah, there are the dollar stores, but you’d spend too much because there are limited quantities in the packages.

Websites like AliExpress have a 100-piece set of plastic toy soldiers for under $17. These toys are for children over the age of 3.



14. Hand out mini boxes of crayons.

A box of four crayons open on a table.

It’s not candy, but it’s still appealing. Look for a box of 100 4-set crayons at the Webstaurant Store for less than $15. These are small like the ones that restaurants pass out to little ones with those paper menus that they color while waiting for their chicken fingers. Make sure these go out to kids over the age of three.


15. Treat kids with mini Play-Doh.

A box set of Play Doh on a shelf at Target.

Here’s an oldie but goodie — Play-Doh. It’s definitely not to be eaten! Kids seem to be mesmerized by this modeling compound.

We’ve seen the best deals at these stores:

For young kids, Play-Doh could be a choking hazard if placed in the mouth.


16. Pass out Halloween-themed pencils.

Little monsters made of pom pom balls and goggly eyes glued onto Halloween pencils.

Oriental Trading is one place where you can buy a pack of 24 for under $6.

Making your own decorative pencils take a little time, but it’s an opportunity to customize the look.

Glue a pom-pom ball to the top of a pencil eraser cap. Add googly eyes and pop the eraser cap onto a pencil. These make for great additions to Halloween treat bags.

Halloween pencils are plentiful at dollar stores, but if you don’t want to wait for their seasonal stock, Amazon also has Halloween-themed pencils available now.



17. Drop spider rings into Halloween bags.

Some orange and black plastic Halloween spider rings on a table.

What’s a Halloween giveaway without some plastic spider rings? A package of 144 spider rings from Oriental Trading goes for under $6 a pack. This is a great addition to the other non-candy Halloween treat ideas and can make for an easy sugar replacement.


18. Give out assorted Halloween stickers as Halloween candy alternatives.

A person holding two Harry Potter themed vinyl stickers with dozens of others laying out on a table in the background.

You can find these at most stores, including Amazon where 200 Halloween horror movie stickers can run about $10. Even big kids like stickers, so feel free to pass them out to them, too. Since it’s such a small item, maybe pair it with a juice box or pencil.



19. Give temporary tattoos as non-candy Halloween treats.

6 versions of Halloween themed temporary tattoos from the ArtCreativity Store listing on Amazon.

The kids might like these over candy. You can find 144-count sheets on Amazon for just under $13. Choose nontoxic temporary tattoos with assorted designs. Some stores have stick-on options, while others have the traditional ones that require water.


20. Hand out fake mustaches.

Cards of fake mustaches on a white background.

Amazon Prime members can get a pack of 36 mustaches for under $12 with free 2-day shipping. I’m sure trick-or-treaters will be surprised by this non-candy treat. It’s a silly time of year, so laughter is good!


21. Drop in a yo-yo to pumpkin pails for a good Halloween candy alternative.


Maybe it’s just me, but I love a good yo-yo. Some have silly faces, glow in the dark, or come in an array of colors. Amazon has 36-packs of mini yo-yos for $12.

With all of these non-candy Halloween options, fill a couple of big buckets and mix them all together and pass them out to smiling faces.

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