Between packing school lunches and boxing up dinner leftovers, our Tupperware containers really take a beating! Each piece finds itself getting filled with all sorts of yummy goodness and snapped closed until the food can be enjoyed again.

But sometimes, I must admit, those filled Tupperware containers get pushed to the back of the fridge, thought of no more until someone asks, "Mom, what’s that smell?”

C'mon, ladies, don't act like you haven't popped open a container only to stare at it blankly with a scrunched up face thinking, "What on earth is that?" By then the food is unrecognizable and has had plenty of time to permeate into the plastic, leaving its nasty odor behind.

Here at KCL, we have shown you how to remove those nasty stains from your favorite Tupperware, but what about those nasty odors? Those can be just as stubborn. To solve this problem, I asked a Tupperware consultant who has been in the business for thirty years, and this is what she suggested:

  1. Wash it thoroughly in the hottest soapy water you can stand. This will help get rid of any oils that may be part of the problem.
  2. Dry the container well. Then crumple some newspaper, place it inside, and close the lid tightly.
  3. Let the sealed container sit for forty-eight hours. Then discard the newspaper and give the container a sniff.
  4. If the odor is gone, just wash it before reusing it.
  5. Otherwise, wash it with a diluted bleach solution, and repeat the newspaper trick as needed to remove more stubborn odors.

That's it! I tried this trick on the clam linguini-filled Tupperware my father-in-law sent over. Can’t get more stinky than that, right? This worked like a charm! I let the paper absorb the odor for two days, and that was plenty.

So the next time a sniff of your Tupperware makes you want to pass out, try this trick instead. It won't cost you a dime and will save you from having to toss the piece out altogether!

Stifle the Stench: Banish Tupperware Odor for Good (and for Free!)