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February is officially the "month of love"—but amongst folks like me who love to save, we prefer to call it "the month of moneymaking savings." Take K-Y, for example. The company markets its various products (jellies, lubricants, and more) so enthusiastically around Valentine's Day that you can actually make money by using their coupons! But regardless of how much money we can save (or make), most of us likely don't think we need a huge tub of K-Y products sitting around our house (for reasons ranging from awkward conversation starters to storage space issues).

For me, this misconception changed the moment I realized how many different uses K-Y really has! Read on to learn why you absolutely, positively, must stockpile this moneymaker in February!

1. It makes great costumes.

If you've ever watched a movie about aliens, you may have wondered what type of special effect produces all that sticky goo, spit, and slime most aliens seem to ooze. If you guessed "K-Y," you would be right!

  • What to do: Stockpile now, and save it for Halloween (just squeeze it out into a larger tub before using your gloved hands to create scary, gooey zombie or alien costumes!).
  • How you save: One Green Goo necklace for $3.99 + shipping (Totally Costumes) and one "Barrel O Slime" for $4.74 (green, Amazon) = $8.73. Or you could just use K-Y!

2. Unstick zippers…and untangle, loosen, and un-knot lots of other things.

K-Y wasn't originally designed for OTC adult use…it was first created as a surgical lubricant for use by physicians all the way back in 1904! So it goes without saying that K-Y's power to untangle and unstick is masterful.

  • What to do: Whether it’s a ring that won't slide off, a zipper that won't zip (or unzip), a bolt or screw that won't loosen, a necklace that won't un-knot, or another wrangle of a problem, a dab or few of K-Y should fix the problem ASAP!
  • How you save: You could purchase a can of W-D Multi-Purpose spray for $6.31 (Amazon) or head for your K-Y stockpile and fix the problem for free.

3. Get the goo off.

Just as K-Y is a great costume aid to put the goo on, so too it is equally effective when you are trying to get the goo off. Here, price tags, labels, stickers, and other gummy things are no match for K-Y's lubricating powers.

  • What to do: Dab on some K-Y over the gooey area, label, sticker, or whatever needs to come off. Wait five minutes for the jelly to work its magic, then peel.
  • How you save: One bottle of Goo Gone for $6.99 (Amazon) or K-Y for free (with coupons)—it's your choice!

4. Prevent chafing during workouts.

If you like to run, cycle, walk, hike, or do any other activity that can cause chafing, you already know how painful that can be! K-Y can make sure you never have to endure the effects of chafing after working out.

  • What to do: Smooth on some K-Y at all points where chafing occurs (such as thighs, heels, upper arms). Reapply as needed.
  • How you save: Bag Balm, a popular athletic lube, will run you $11.53 (Amazon)—or you could use the free K-Y sitting on your stockpile shelves.

5. Fix a padlock that won't open.

If you live in an area of temperature extremes, you have probably experienced the frustration of trying to fit a key into a lock that simply won't budge. K-Y turns this irritating problem into a quick fix.

  • What to do: Apply a thin film of K-Y to the key, then insert it into the lock. It will open right away.
  • How you save: WD-40 silicone lubricant spray is a traditional remedy for grumpy padlocks—at $5.99 for an 11 oz. can (Amazon). Or you could use K-Y!

Look how much you just saved!

Using K-Y in place of traditional remedies saves $39.55—check it out!

  • Costumes goo: $8.73
  • Unstick and loosen: $6.31
  • Remove goo: $6.99
  • Prevent chafing: $11.53
  • Fix a padlock: $9.53
  • TOTAL: $39.55

How to “hide” the K-Y in plain sight

If you are not comfortable using K-Y in the original packaging (I’m not either!), you can just squeeze it out into a travel tube (reusable plain tube for $6.63 from Amazon). Even better, with a little pre-planning, you can search online or in local drugstores to score even better prices on reusable travel tubes that won’t raise any eyebrows!


5 Amazing Ways to Use K-Y Jelly That Will Save You Money