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If you’ve been to the grocery store (or been on social media) the past few weeks, you’re well aware of the ongoing toilet paper shortage. The constantly empty toilet paper shelves have inspired some very creative toilet paper alternatives.

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A Twitter poll shows that half of the U.S. doesn’t even have toilet paper alternatives.


Well, as the old saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures. Let’s see what toilet paper alternatives the world of social media has come up with in these difficult times.


Letters from your ex are perfect for closure (and as toilet paper alternatives).


OK let’s see, you’re totally out of toilet paper and wet wipes. Well, there’s always that old letter that your ex wrote you. Might not be ideal physically, but definitely emotionally fulfilling. Gotta love yourself sometimes.


We don’t recommend sandpaper instead of toilet paper, and neither does this guy.

Remember how you learn that the stove is hot by accidentally touching it? Well, think of this as a very different way of learning an important lesson. Lesson learned.


Go eco friendly with this toilet paper alternative.

Screenshot from a KCL listicle on money-saving tips focusing on using cloth wipes.

As mentioned in an article from a time where toilet paper was available in stores, cloth wipes can be an awesome alternative. Much better than sandpaper.


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Might be better for waxing than as toilet paper.


Is this technically an alternative? I guess, even if I 100% wouldn’t recommend it. But at least you save money on waxing and it gets the job done while we’re in quarantine.



Let them eat cake…cake toilet paper that is.


Alright, this won’t exactly be used as a toilet paper alternative anytime soon. Hopefully. However, you gotta love some delicious creativity.


Double the fun if your plumbing can handle paper towels.


As you all know, I always appreciate a good BOGO deal!


Who’s up for a DIY bidet idea?


I’m all for coming up with some unique projects with the tools that you have available. Plus, bidets are selling out everywhere, as we all know. However, this cheeky little invention might be a bit much. Here’s hoping they don’t have neighbors.


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Tissue makes a great toilet paper alternative in a pinch.


When the toilet paper aisle is totally empty, your next stop should be the tissue section. Great instead of toilet paper, but definitely don’t flush them.



Buy some Toilet UNpaper from Etsy for $38 roll.


You may be thinking $38 a roll! But this TP is washable, so go ahead and use, wash, dry and hand roll back on the tube while watching Netflix. ‘Cause what else you got to do anyway?


I’m up for six showers a day if I run out of TP.


Everyone loves those zodiac diagrams on social media, right? Well, this one’s a bit of a different take on that idea, letting you decide your toilet paper alternatives by your birth month. …Apologies to anyone born in August.


If you can spare a square, show some love with it!


Rather than an alternative for toilet paper, this sweet mom used the toilet paper she had for something extremely sweet: a toilet paper letter. And, judging by everyone’s current TP supply, that means a heck of a lot more than any greeting card.


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Toilet Paper Alternatives from Desperate People