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In my household, we go through a lot of toilet paper, and my frugal self always cringes when I have to throw all the cardboard tubes away.

Instead of throwing ’em out, check out my useful toilet paper tube hacks to ease your frugal mind.


1. Use a toilet paper roll for vacuuming hard-to-reach places.

The easiest way to clean those frustrating window tracks is by using an old toilet paper roll.

Slip a toilet paper roll over the opening of your vacuum hose, and hold it in place. Bend and twist the cardboard to deep clean the gunk in the window track then recycle it when you’re done!


2. Stop wrapping paper from unrolling.


3. Avoid hanger creases on your slacks or jeans.

Use a couple toilet paper tubes (or a paper towel roll) to keep slacks or jeans wrinkle free. Cut down the length of the roll, place the tube around the hanger, tape the roll together, and place slacks or pants over the roll.


4. Keep your straightener and curling rod cords organized.


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5. Keep necklaces untangled when traveling.


6. Store cords and phone chargers.



7. Grow seedlings.

First, fill the tubes with potting soil and seeds, and place them side by side in a box to keep them upright.

When they are ready to be planted, place the cardboard tube with the seedlings in the ground and let ’em grow.


8. Dry gloves quicker by sticking a tube in each wet glove to let air circulate.


9. Make fire starters with old dryer lint.

Place used dryer sheets and dryer lint inside of an old paper towel or toilet paper tube. Pinch each end to keep the materials inside.

Light the tube to easily start a fire.


10. Make a bird feeder out of a toilet paper tube, peanut butter and bird seed.

First, spread peanut butter on the outside of the tube. Then roll it in birdseed so it’s covered, and place on a branch.


11. Never lose another hair tie again.


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12. Make small gift boxes.

Flatten a clean tube by creating two creases, then fold and tuck the ends inward to keep your gift from sliding out. Tie ribbons around the package so it doesn’t look like a toilet paper tube!


13. Keep your desk organized by sorting pens and pencils.


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13 Useful Toilet Paper Tube Hacks