I don't know how fingerprints, dust, wax, or lead got on my floral wallpaper…although, my three hyperactive nephews and my dirty dog, Lucy, look pretty guilty. I can forget pegging the perpetrators because I can easily remove the smears and stuck-on soil for under a $1! How, you ask? With my favorite natural eraser—a semi-stale slice of white bread.


1. Remove dust

Gently brush the wallpaper with a feather duster, soft cloth, or dry sponge.

2. Steal the heel

Next, grab a slice or hunk of semi-stale, white bread. While you can't use rock-hard bread from three nights ago, you can steal the loaf's heel, which no one wants anyway.

3. Wad and wipe

Wad the bread into a tight ball and gently rub it over the wallpaper, ripping the bread to remove the soiled sections. To prevent streaks, wipe the wallpaper in one direction.

4. Be amazed

Who knew stale bread could work miracles, right?! Next time, try this trick on dirty suede.


This is a guest post by Cherese from Tennesee.


A Trick to Remove Stubborn Wall Stains