My husband came home from Walmart with a whopping bill of $172 for very few groceries! It wasn’t until the obsessive compulsive side of me scrutinized his receipt and noticed he was overcharged by $35 for 14 pineapples he didn’t buy. After seeing mistakes like this, trip after trip, I decided to conduct a little "shopping experiment." I wanted to see how many times I would be overcharged in one week, and how much money I could save by checking my receipts. The results shocked me.

1. Albertsons

My first stop was Albertsons. Everything went smoothly until I bought apples. Apples were $1.29 a pound. I bought 0.82 pounds. They charged me $5.77 for 5 apples! I should have paid $1.06, but the computer strangely calculated it to be $5.77!

Store #1: Overcharged by $4.71!

2. Kroger

My next big trip was to Kroger for a new set of sales. I had a coupon for a free bag of Dole Salad. The coupon's only specification was that it needed to be between 5 and 14 oz. Naturally, I bought the most expensive salad Dole makes at $3.99. When I went to check out, the free coupon only took off $1.38. The cashier was incredibly nice and could not understand why it took off such a random amount. She circled the items and sent me to customer service to get back $2.61.

Store #2: Overcharged by $2.61!

3. Tom Thumb

Nothing eventful happened when I went to Tom Thumb for cereal and Fruit Roll-Ups. However, when I came home and started unpacking my groceries, I noticed that 5 of my Life cereals had expired almost a year ago, and 8 of my Fruit Roll-Ups had expired 2 weeks ago. Although the Fruit Roll-Ups are probably still good, I do not want expired items for my stockpile. I will be calling both companies on Monday.

Store #3: Sold expired goods.

4. Walmart

My final trip was to Walmart for some produce. On the very same bin of mangos there were two different prices! I was curious to see which price would ring up so I grabbed four. The higher price rang up, and I immediately explained to the cashier that they were also marked for $0.40 and she corrected it.

Store #4: Overcharged by $0.16!

In one week's time I was overcharged by a grand total of: $7.48! This was only 4 shopping trips, and the only store that didn't overcharge me sold expired goods. The results from checking your receipts can really add up. Even if it just seems like a few pennies, in one month's time this could save you around $30.00 a month! Or, in the case of the illusive 14 pineapples, $35.00 in one day!

This is a guest post by Mary from Hickory Creek, TX

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