As your stockpile increases, it's inevitable that the amount of space to store it will decrease. This is something that happens to almost every person who is serious about couponing. If you find yourself in that predicament, we’d like to offer you some solutions.  Here are 5 unique places to create that much needed extra space to store your stockpile of goods.

In each of these spaces, it’s a good idea to use baskets, racks, boxes and things like shoe organizers to ensure that the new place will be organized and will work well. Using labels is also a good idea if your stock has containers.

1. Attic storage between rafters

We've all seen the wasted space in an attic, particularly where the wall starts to angle.  What better way to utilize wasted, unused space than by adding shelves! This project does require an investment for products and labor, but the final product offers a large amount of space. Putting items into bins and labeling them will add a lot of extra storage.  While we pictured normal storage bins, imagine those bins filled with soaps, toothpastes, etc. and the shelves loaded with paper towels, toilet paper and more!

2. Shelf above the bathroom door

This extra storage area is brilliant!  When it comes to storage, stacking ‘up’ is the ultimate space saver. In this picture, a shelf is built right above the bathroom door, adding space for several bins and containers. While the items are high up, we can easily reach them with the assistance of a ladder or chair when needed.  It works!  


3. Back of the door organizer

We coupon users know that over time, we’ll acquire a lot of toothbrushes and toothpaste. These are items that we can nearly always purchase for less than $0.25.  Since these products are relatively small and plentiful, an option is to keep them in pockets like the ones found on this door organizer. With it being behind the door, this easy-to-reach space saver is ideal!


4. Display it

Often, pastas and beans come in boxes or bags that can take up a lot of room. By taking foods out of their original boxes and placing them into storage containers that are already a part of your kitchen's organization system, you’re cutting down on the amount of space required for these products. Displaying foods in airtight glass jars or containers is a beautiful way of storing your stockpile. In fact, check out this DIY tip featuring how to make chalkboard paint and you can label your jars decoratively. With labels this cute, you can even use the space above your cabinets to set these out and utilize that unused area.


5. Underneath beds

Chances are, you’re interested in using every space possible in your home to store items.  Underneath the bed is a great way to take a wasted space and turn it into valuable storage area. Try using boxes or box lids to hold products. They can be arranged and labeled very clearly and are easily accessible.


Please share with us how you store your stockpile. We'd love to see pictures!



5 Brilliant Ways to Store Your Stockpile