Last call, BevRAGE fans! It’s closing time.

Recently, we told you about changes Checkout 51 and SavingStar are making in order to stay competitive (and alive).

Add BevRAGE to the list of rebate apps that we must say goodbye to this year.

I’m gonna miss stacking BevRAGE’s “any six-pack of beer” offer with whatever beer offer I could find in Ibotta for rebate-stacking goodness. Here’s what happened:


BevRAGE started out strong and quickly became a KCL favorite.

How many articles did you read where we advised stacking BevRAGE and Ibotta rebates on alcohol?

Answer: A lot, and for good reason. I could get a six-pack of beer down to a $2-$3 purchase. We were thrilled because in the past, coupons for alcohol were so few, and not every state allowed couponers to use them on liquor purchases.

Now, there’s been some buzz about BevRAGE closing over recent months, but the offers have still been available.

When I opened the app today, instead of seeing offers for wine, I saw that there are no offers in my area, and then I got a prompt to download Fetch Rewards.


BevRAGE couldn’t compete with Ibotta and Checkout 51.

Over two years ago when BevRAGE was just a dream, its owners were inspired to create a rebate app specifically for alcohol for the reason I mentioned — lack of coupons and an inability to use them on alcohol in some states.

Yet by the time BevRAGE got their idea off the ground and launched nationally, other rebate apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51 were already featuring alcohol rebates among their grocery rebates.

The owners have been hush-hush about the exact reasons for closing down BevRAGE, but I think it’s obvious when you look at how far alcohol rebates have come. Especially when you look at Ibotta!

What we will miss and what was unique to BevRAGE, even after Ibotta and Checkout 51’s alcohol offers showed up, were the high-value “any brand” offers where you could get $1 off “any six-pack of beer” or “any bottle of white wine.”

Ibotta recently started including “any brand” offers for alcohol too. Right now there’s a $0.25 offer for “any brand” hard cider. Still though. . . it’s not $1 cash back like BevRAGE offered.



BevRAGE is pivoting toward “Fetch Rewards.”

Fetch Rewards has partnered with some brand favorites like Dove and Kraft to give you points when you scan your grocery receipts. These points translate into gift cards once you reach at least 3,000 points (10 points per $1 you spend).

Unlike BevRAGE, Fetch Rewards won’t give you immediate cash for scanning receipts. You can cash 3,000 points in for a $3 gift card (1,000 points = $1) or hoard your points and cash in for higher gift card amounts when you have more points.

RIP BevRAGE, it’s been real.


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BevRAGE Is Officially Gone. What Happened?