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Costco vs. Amazon: 7 Items That Are Actually Cheaper on Amazon

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Costco has some unbeatable deals—nobody can argue with that. But, that doesn’t mean Costco is always cheaper. When you line up Costco vs. Amazon, certain Amazon Subscribe & Save items really do beat Costco prices. And, you can have them delivered to your door without having to drive anywhere or push your way through Costco.

The best part about Amazon’s Subscribe & Save service is acquiring a 15% discount if you subscribe to five or more products in one auto-delivery to one address. Plus, you can choose how often you want the items delivered to your house. And it doesn’t have to be every month.

All the prices we gathered below are based on getting that 15% Subscribe & Save discount. To compare Costco vs. Amazon, you have to spend $60/year for an annual Costco membership fee without any delivery perks!

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Here are 7 items you can buy at Costco vs. Amazon for less using Subscribe & Save:

1. Drink Red Bull for $0.25/can less using Amazon Subscribe & Save.

red bull from cotsco

As of late summer 2023, Costco sells 24-packs of Red Bull for $36.99, or $1.54/can.

But if you use your 15% Subscribe & Save discount to buy a 24-pack of Red Bull from Amazon, it’ll cost just $30.87, or $1.29/can. That’s a $0.25 savings per can from Amazon Subscribe & Save on Red Bull.

As low as$30.87$32.49(5% off)
Price Summary
$1.29 per can

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2. Save $0.05 on every Starbucks K-cup pod using Amazon Subscribe & Save.

a person holding starbucks coffee in costco

Use Amazon Subscribe & Save to purchase your Starbucks Pike’s Place K-cups. You’ll pay just $0.44/pod with your 15% Subscribe & Save discount.

As of late August 2023, the same Starbucks K-cups at Costco are priced at $0.47/pod.

As low as$26.20$30.82(15% off)
Price Summary
$0.44 per pod

3. Get ZipFizz energy for only $0.91/pack with Amazon Subscribe & Save.

zipfizz energy from costco

Costco sells ZipFizz drinkable energy packets for $1.00/each.

But if you use your 15% Amazon Subscribe & Save discount, you can enjoy the same ZipFizz drinks for just $0.92/each. That’s a $0.08 savings per packet!

As low as$18.34$21.58(15% off)
Price Summary
$0.92 each

4. Spend $0.04/oz less on Quaker Instant Oatmeal using Amazon Subscribe & Save.

large boxes of oatmeal on display in costco

For several months, Costco would sell a box of Quaker Instant Oatmeal for $13.79, or $0.27/packet. In August 2023, that price changed to $12.99 for the same box. That lowered the price per packet to $0.25 each.

Even so, you’ll save $0.02/oz when you buy Quaker Instant Oatmeal from Amazon with your 15% Subscribe & Save discount at just $0.23/oz.

As low as$11.20$13.18(15% off)
Price Summary
$0.27 per packet, or $0.15 per ounce


5. Keep $0.04 on each bar of Irish Springs soap you buy with Amazon Subscribe & Save.

a person holding the price sign in costco in front of irish spring soap

Costco sells Irish Springs Bar Soap for $0.60/bar while Amazon’s 15% Subscribe & Save discount takes each Irish Springs bar of soap down to $0.56/bar.

As low as$13.55$15.98(15% off)
Price Summary
$0.56 per bar

6. Spend $0.06 less on each NatureMade Prenatal + DHA Vitamin using Amazon Subscribe & Save.

a person holding up nature made prenatal vitamins

Get 150 NatureMade Prenatal + DHA vitamins from Costco for $22.49, or $0.15/vitamin. We’ve seen these go on sale in July 2023 for $17.49. That brings the price down to $0.12 a vitamin.

Even so, you can buy the same vitamins in a 250-ct bottle using your 15% Amazon Subscribe & Save discount for $22.94, or just $0.11/vitamin.

When you take prenatal vitamins daily, a $0.04/vitamin savings really adds up fast.

As low as$26.42$35.99(27% off)
Price Summary
$0.11 each

7. Spend $0.04 less per diaper on Amazon Mama Bear diapers over Costco’s Kirkland diapers.

kirkland diapers in a box on display in costco

I know I’m touching the golden calf because many of you swear by Kirkland diapers. I used to as well — until I discovered Mama Bear diapers. Then I converted.

I don’t usually decide based on reviews; the price point is more of a factor. But I was skeptical that Mama Bear could wear as well as Kirkland. All the five-star ratings convinced me to try. And at the end of the day, $0.05 per diaper over the life of one baby (or more!) in diapers sounds like the start of a tropical vacation fund to me.

Prime members get an extra 20% off through Amazon Family and that’s reflected here too.

  • Costco Kirkland brand Size 1 diapers, 192-count, reg. price $34.99, or $0.18 per diaper
  • Amazon brand Mama Bear Size 1 diapers, 196-count, $27.41 with Amazon Family Subscribe & Save, or $0.14 per diaper
As low as$25.41$27.41(7% off)
What to buy
Save an extra $2 on your first Subscribe & Save order
Price Summary
$0.14 each before discounts


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