Who knew baby formula was such a hot item in the counterfeit coupon world?

Two men have just been arrested and are facing a possible prison sentence if they’re found guilty of using thousands of dollars of fraudulent formula coupons.


Two men were allegedly found with $13,500 worth of counterfeit formula coupons.

After a local retailer tipped them off about the use of fake coupons, law enforcement in Knox County, Tennessee searched the men’s van and found $17,500 in cash and gift cards, $4,500 worth of fraudulently obtained formula and $13,500 worth of counterfeit coupons.


They’re now charged with fraud and theft.

The police had found evidence that 28-year-old Jinben Weng and 33-year-old Ouyang Xushou from Philadelphia had been traveling from state to state to make many purchases with the fake coupons.


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If convicted, they could face a penalty of one to six years in prison and a $3,000 fine.

The preliminary hearing will take place two days after Christmas.


This seems to be a common problem with baby formula coupons.

It’s definitely not the first time this has happened. Baby formula is hot on the black market because of the ability to mark it up and sell it at a high price.

Two other pairs of people using fraudulent formula coupons were arrested in 2014 and another earlier this year.

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Two Guys Caught with $13,500 Worth of Counterfeit Baby Formula Coupons