One of my favorite things about couponing are the surprises that continually make my shopping trips interesting! I recently had a co-worker ask me to save any receipt from Harris Teeter that had a dry cleaning coupon worth $5 on it. I looked at her kind of funny, but agreed to and checked my receipt the next time I shopped there. Guess what? There were all kinds of offers on the back of that receipt! In addition to using coupons on items I purchase, I like to get a discount when I’m out in the community with my family! Here are three places to keep an eye out for them!

Note: These local discounts and coupons may not appear on the back of every receipt and are random. They also aren’t based on the amount of the purchase. Once, I only bought two items and got coupons, when on another occasion, I spent over $50, and the back of my receipt was blank. Be sure to note the expiration dates and the details of each offer.

1. Local eateries

Ice cream, anyone? I don’t know about you, but if I see an ice cream coupon I’m going to use it (any excuse I can get, right?)! Recently, I saw that the ice cream/yogurt shop around the corner featured a 15%-off coupon on the back of my receipt—and I totally used it! We have a local bakery that frequently offers a free item with purchase, but I wouldn’t have known that unless I looked on the back of my grocery receipt! Getting to know businesses in your community is easy when they give you incentives!

2. Local service providers

Who doesn’t appreciate a $10 discount on dry cleaning services? That coupon was also available on the back of my receipt. I’ve also found oil change discounts that are high value. Being able to save money in my community on services that I frequently use is a wonderful plus!

3. Local entertainment

A few of my favorite receipt coupons are for putt-putt, bowling, and family pizza joints like Chuck E. Cheese. If you’re on a tight budget like me, entertainment expenses are limited, so getting discounts on family outings puts these offers at the top of my list. The details of the offer will be important for redemption. For example, you may have to purchase four games at the bowling alley in order to get the discount.


Remember, these offers will be on the back of your receipts. That means your receipt will have your payment source on it. If you don’t want that information shared, be sure to black it out! Also, if you need the receipt for a refund, rebate, or to scan into one of your cash back apps, be sure to complete that offer prior to separating your receipt into the coupons you intend to use.


This is an article by Tammy from North Carolina. 

What Coupons are Hiding on the Back of Your Receipt?