Some deals are so good that it’s like you’re getting paid to shop. Literally.

We call these “moneymaker” deals, because while you don’t get cash back from a store, you’ll get the money in your PayPal account or in the form of a gift card, depending on what kind of deal it is.

I’ll show you what I mean using recent examples of moneymaker deals. Note: these deals are all expired, but I included them because they’re fairly common.

Visit KCL’s Moneymakers page to find out about current deals, and we’ll tell you exactly where the sale is and where to find the coupons you need for all current deals!


1. Turn Palmolive dish liquid into a $0.35 moneymaker.

Buy Palmolive dish soap for $1.00, regular price and use a $0.25 off coupon. Next, submit for two rebate app offers:

Result? It’s like you got $0.35 in your PayPal account when you submit for an Ibotta rebate. Look for coupon deals on dish soap at Target, Walmart and your local drugstores (Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS).


2. Get $1.06 in your PayPal account for buying Tylenol.

Buy two Tylenol Pain Reliever-Fever Reducer Tablets for $1.97, regular price. Next, submit one Ibotta rebate app offer: $5.00 off when you buy two Tylenol Products, 10 ct. or larger.

You’ll pay $3.94 out of pocket, but after you put in for an Ibotta rebate and receive $5.00 in your PayPal account, it’s like you got paid $1.06 to buy Tylenol.

Find the best pain reliever coupon deals at Rite Aid, Walgreens and Walmart.


3. Make $1.00 for buying Chobani yogurt.

Buy one Chobani Smooth Classic Yogurt, 2 ct. for $1.50, regular price. Use one $1.00 off newspaper coupon and pay $0.50 out of pocket. Scan your receipt and submit for $1.50 back through Ibotta. You just got paid $1.00 to buy yogurt!

Watch Walmart and Target for yogurt moneymakers.


4. Earn $0.53 for buying Ketchup.

Purchase a 20-ounce bottle of French’s Ketchup for $1.47. Use a $0.75 off newspaper coupon.

You’ll pay $0.97 out of pocket. Next, upload your receipt to Checkout 51, and receive a $1.50 rebate offer and a $0.50 rebate offer bonus. This makes ketchup a $0.53 moneymaker.

Look for ketchup deals at grocery stores like Kroger or Walmart.



5. Get paid $0.22 to buy Kleenex.

When you go to buy a box of Kleenex for $1.76, ask the cashier for a price match to the price of $1.53. (Yes, Walmart stores price match to Use a $1.00 off printable coupon, and you’ll end up paying $0.53 out of pocket. Scan your receipt to Ibotta and get $0.75 back, making this a $0.22 moneymaker.

Other than Walmart, drugstores are the best places to make money on Kleenex.


6. Turn a nail polish purchase into a $2.00 moneymaker.

Buy two Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Colors for $6.00 each, sale price. Use two $1.00 off coupons and a “$5.00 off two” store coupon. Pay $5.00 out of pocket. Submit for two separate “$3.00 off one” rebate offers from Checkout51.

When you redeem your Checkout51 offer by a certain date, you’ll receive a $1.00 bonus.

The final price is a $2.00 moneymaker! Head over to Walgreens or Rite Aid to get paid to buy nail polish.


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7. Get paid $0.25 for buying three boxes of Band-Aids.

Print a “$1.50 off two” online coupon. Also, print a “$0.50 off one” online coupon. Use the coupons when you purchase three boxes of Band-Aids for $1.25 each, regular price. Submit your receipt to Checkout 51 to receive a $2.00 rebate. It’s like you got paid $0.25 for buying three boxes of Band-Aids!

Drugstores carry the most money-making bandages, but Walmart offers some as well.


8. Earn $0.17 when you buy Suave lotion.

Buy one Suave Skin Solutions Body Lotion, $1.83, sale price. Use one $1.00 off newspaper coupon. After you pay $0.83, submit for a $1.00 off rebate from Ibotta; you’ll end up with $0.17 for buying lotion.

Visit CVS and Walmart for the best lotion deals.



9. Get paid $1.03 to buy three small bottles of laundry detergent.

Look for Oxi-clean coupons, Purex coupons, Seventh Generation coupons and Tide coupons. Buy three Seventh Generation Liquid Laundry Detergent, 8 oz, for $2.99, regular price.

Use a $1.00 off newspaper coupon. Pay $7.97 out of pocket, but be sure to upload your receipt to Checkout51 to claim a $9.00 credit! It’s like you got paid $1.03 to buy laundry detergent.

Target and Walmart are the places you need to watch for these deals.


10. Buy two protein bars and turn it into a $1.01 moneymaker.

Buy two Muscle Milk Protein Bars for $1.99, regular price. Take advantage of the Buy One Get One free (BOGO) deal to get 50% off.

Next, use one “$2.00 off two” coupons. Pay $0.99, then submit a “$2 off two” rebate offer on your Ibotta app. It’s like you got paid $1.01 for buying two protein bars.

Grocery stores like Kroger and Publix are best to score protein bar moneymakers.


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