Facebook is one of the most powerful communication tools ever. Over the past few years, it’s become a popular resource for getting high-value coupons. “Like” a company or product page and you're connected. Another option is to visit the Krazy Coupon Lady website and check for coupons under the category “Facebook Offers.”  It's that simple.

It's a win-win

In our couponing community, the higher value a coupon, the better the deal, the more dollars we save. High-value coupons are ones that offer $1 off or more, buy one get one free and even rebates that sometimes make the product free.

Companies have been successful with their marketing efforts within Facebook as a way to directly reach you, their customer. Once you "like" a company, you become a part of their community. The company will then have a great channel to get information to you such as special deals, promotions and high-value coupons specifically for you based on your shopping habits. They know you’re more likely to purchase the product and are brand loyal.

It's as easy as liking a page

When you're on Facebook, search for your favorite store or product and simply hit the "like" button.  Once you're following your favorite store or product, you'll get updates on sales and links to store coupons. Love the like.

“Facebook Offers” category

You’re on our site reading this tip. Did you know we have a category under coupons that’s exclusively for “Facebook Offers?” Take a look at this deal we posted recently. Check here often as deals are being posted daily.


Interact with the company by writing comments, sharing sales with friends and being active on that brand’s Facebook page. This way, you'll regularly receive their feed and gain access to specials, sales and coupons. You may even learn about new products or be invited to participate in special promotions.  The more you interact, the more deals you'll have access to for exclusives on savings.






Facebook: The Portal to High-Value Coupons