Sometimes the most difficult part about couponing is getting to the store to do that first transaction. But other questions may be lurking in your mind too.

Where do I find coupons? How do I start couponing? What’s the easiest way to coupon?

As long as you know which coupons to use and where to use them, you can get yourself to the store, and if you do your first transaction you’ve already won at couponing.


1. Download the KCL app to get all the best deals.

When you download the 100% free KCL app, you’ll find out step-by-step what coupons you need to use on which sale items and where you can find the coupons.

This is by far the most complicated part about couponing, and our team of deal finders does that legwork for you.

Every day our team is combing through the aisles of all the main grocery and drugstores to find the best sales to combine with current coupons. All you need to do is choose a deal and follow the instructions for that specific deal.


2. Print free manufacturer coupons from

When you print coupons from, you probably won’t need to clip coupons from newspaper inserts at all.

Plus, even though you can only get two coupons per account (based on your mobile number), you can sign your partner up for a account and print coupons from their account too, doubling the amount of coupons you can get your hands on!

Heads up — read the coupon’s fine print and print limitations, because some coupons must be used within 24 hours of printing them (this is the case for P&G coupons).


3. Coupon at only one store when you’re starting out.

This is 100% to avoid coupon burnout and to avoid getting overwhelmed as a beginning couponer.

You can choose any grocery or drugstore — Target, Walgreens, CVS — it doesn’t really matter, just be committed to learning everything about that store and their coupon policy (located inside the KCL app) before you move on to your next store.

Once you feel totally confident couponing at your first store, go ahead and add another one!


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4. Sign up for your one store’s loyalty program.

If you choose Target, there’s no loyalty program, but you’ll need the Target app so you have access to Cartwheel and mobile offers. (Find out how to coupon at Target.)

If you choose Walgreens, you’ll want to sign up for Balance Rewards because so many deals we post include earning points and spending them to get the best price. (Here’s how to coupon at Walgreens.)

For CVS, look into ExtraCare — it’s a similar concept as Balance Rewards at Walgreens, but tailored specifically to CVS. (Here’s how to coupon at CVS.)



5. Download the KCL stock-up price list so you know what prices to aim for.

We recommend buying as much as you’ll need for a three- or six-month supply when an item hits a certain low-price point.

This is called a “stock-up price.” On KCL’s stock-up price list, you’ll see all of the most common items you can get when you’re couponing and the price at which you should pull the trigger for a three-month supply and for a six-month supply.

For example, if you see KCL post a deal for Speed Stick deodorant and it comes out to $0.99/each after you combine a coupon with a sale price, that’s a three-month stock-up price. If you see it for $0.49/each, that’s a six-month stock-up price.


6. Start couponing for household items like laundry detergent and toilet paper.

Why? Because these are likely the most expensive items on your grocery list, they don’t expire (so you’re safe to build a three- or six-month supply if you see a great deal), and coupon deals are abundant for these items.

Think about it — if you’re couponing for just household items like laundry detergent, toilet paper, paper towels, body wash and deodorant, you’ll be saving up to 75% on those spendy items.

It’s going to make your grocery budget feel like it can breathe again!


7. Check Ibotta and Checkout51 for rebate offers.

You may notice in the KCL app that a certain deal includes redeeming an Ibotta or Checkout51 offer, so you’ll need the apps for that.

But it’s so easy to redeem rebate offers that you might consider doing it even if you’re not officially “couponing.”

Here’s what I mean — check Ibotta before you hit the grocery store and unlock any offers for items you planned to buy anyway. Take a picture of your receipt, upload it, and voila! You’ll have money in your PayPal account within 24 hours.

Learn everything you need to know about rebate apps.


8. Set deal alerts in the KCL app when you’re low on something.

Deal alerts are a brand-new feature in the KCL app, and they’re going to save you tons of money.

Inside the KCL app, enable notifications and then select brands you’re interested in like Huggies, OxiClean, Kleenex and more.

Enable deal alerts when you know what type of deal you’re looking for. We will tap you on the shoulder when it’s time to shop.


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