I used to suffer from something I like to call “coupon envy.” Coupon envy is when you wish you had the same coupon your friend in California used last week to buy your favorite cheese. Only you can’t get it because you live in a different state. Coupons vary by region, brand, and value. Check out the information below to learn more about regional deals and how you can ease the envy.

Coupon inserts
Coupon inserts in the Sunday newspapers vary across the nation. For example, areas which have stores that double coupons under $0.99 will often have $1.00/2 coupons, while a non-doubling area may instead have a $0.55/1.  Also, areas where competition between brands is more intense tend to have higher-value coupons. Other variations will appear in brands, especially ones that go by different names in different locales (e.g. Dreyer’s or Edy’s ice cream, Hellmann’s or Best Foods mayonnaise, etc).

If you would like a variety of coupons, consider exchanging with friends in different areas or subscribing to two or three different newspapers.

Printable coupons
On sites like Coupons.com, the coupons offered may differ slightly depending on the zip code you enter. The majority of coupons will be the same, but again, there may be some that are different or have different values. While you can print from other zip codes, do watch out for restrictions (such as “Only valid on cheese purchases in Utah and Idaho”), and make sure the brand shown is sold in your area before you print.

Regional Coupon Variations May Cause Coupon Envy