UPDATED 3/14/17

Everyone — especially couponers — knows Walmart has fantastic everyday low prices. However, if you don’t take advantage of all the ways you can save, then you may be falling victim to one of these five common mistakes.


1. Not price matching

Yes, Walmart already has low prices, but many shoppers forget to check competitors’ ads to price match. Walmart will price match on their competitors’ Buy One Get One (BOGO) sales (as long as there’s an actual price listed), sale prices with preferred shopping cards, and even sale prices on fresh meats and vegetables (as long as units are the same, i.e. pound for pound, dollar for dollar).

Note: Price matching and the acceptance of certain coupons is at the local manager’s discretion. Since August 2016, more than 800 stores have limited or done away with their price matching policies, so be sure to check with your local Walmart beforehand. Get more details in 4 Reasons Walmart’s Price-Matching Policy Change Is No Big Deal.


2. Not bringing in competitor coupons

Catalinas printed at competitor grocery stores don’t necessarily have to be used at that particular store. Walmart will take competitors’ checkout and store coupons as long as it’s a dollar amount off a specific item and says “Manufacturer Coupon.” So don’t leave these at home!



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3. Not stacking coupons and sales with rebate apps

Every krazy coupon lady has a multitude of cash back shopping apps, but don’t forget to check all of them for deals. You can stack these rebates and pile on the savings. Even better, the rebate apps don’t care if you used a coupon to buy the item—so stack away!

  • Ibotta offers rebates on featured products as well as generic products like milk and bread, and has many that are exclusive rebates for Walmart purchases. Read more about how Ibotta can help you save here.
  • Checkout51 offers rebates on specific and generic products, but doesn’t care what store you shopped at as long as you have your receipt. The rebates reset each Wednesday at midnight, so make sure to get your receipt submitted in time!
  • Shopmium gives you cash back when you buy their featured products. Again, you can buy the product at any major store chain as long as you have the receipt. They transfer your rebate directly into your PayPal account, so there’s no need to wait to cash out at a certain threshold. Read more about Shopmium here.
  • BerryCart saves you cash on healthy and organic products just by snapping a picture of your receipt. It works at Walmart among other large store chains like Target and Whole Foods. Read more about BerryCart here.
  • SavingStar allows you to clip virtual coupons and get cash back for purchasing those items in stores. SavingStar tracks your purchases through your customer loyalty card, but you can also snap photos of your receipt to claim your virtual coupons and get cash back using their app. Just snap a photo of your Walmart receipt, and you can have your cash back in a flash.
  • Snap by Groupon is a new app by Groupon which gives you rebates on promotional items purchased at any store. Just snap a pic of your receipt to get your cash back. This app has a lot of generic cash back items like candy, milk, and apples as well as savings on specific items.
  • MobiSave is the newest rebate app that has exclusive offers and no minimum cash-out amount. My favorite part about this app is its ability to load offers even when you’re not online, which is great when there’s no signal in the store.


4. Not using Savings Catcher

Walmart’s Savings Catcher is a great tool that automatically price compares items for you and gives you a gift card for the difference if a lower price is found. Savings Catcher does not compare BOGO sales, so price matching in the store is still the way to go to get those deals. Just enter your receipt number online or snap a pic of it in the app, and you’ll receive your cash back on a Walmart gift card for future shopping trips.


5. Not submitting receipts

After you’ve finished grocery shopping, don’t forget to also submit your receipts to ReceiptPal and ReceiptHog. Both apps give you points and coins, respectively, that you can cash out for gift cards or cold hard cash.




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5 Mistakes Couponers Make at Walmart