It happened to me the other night—I was at Target getting ready to check out and realized I had a “newbie” on my hands—a cashier who was still in training, but on her own. I took a deep breath and decided to show her kindness and patience and train her on how couponing is done the KCL way! If you encounter a “newbie,” try shedding some light on how we, as couponers, shop and find deals!

1. Explain to the cashier why you have several transactions

This lets the newbie know that she will have you for a few extra minutes. It also prepares her for any additional transactions instead of going to the next customer. We all function better when we’re prepared, so take the time to clue him or her in on your plans! You (and some other couponer) will benefit from it!

2. Alert the cashier if the deal triggers a store reward or gift card

Remember, getting a store reward is probably one of the reasons you’re doing a deal! The cashier may not know how the transaction is supposed to work, so educating her as the transaction occurs gives her an advantage as she will know if the price rings up correctly and if a reward shows up. During one Target “newbie” experience of mine, the cashier looked for a gift card to pop up on her screen because I had told her it would and it did. Unfortunately, her register was out of gift cards. By alerting the cashier ahead of time, she or he can be ready to pull out a gift card and replenish them if needed, which ultimately saves you and those behind you time.

3. Reassure the cashier if she becomes flustered

I was very proud of myself during my most recent shopping trip at Target. I was calm and collected. My cashier, however, was not. But with my reassurance, she slowed down, let me talk her through Cartwheel, text message deals, store coupons and manufacturer coupons. Thankfully, everything went through with no error beeps! Plus, she remembered to give me credit for bringing in a reusable bag! (Target’s Reusable Bag Program)

4. Give credit where credit is due

Encouraging words during a transaction made this Target trip a great experience. Because I recognized the potential for a bad experience, I chose to help make it a good one. I told the cashier she was doing a great job, apologized that I had two separate transactions, and I minded my manners. No eye-rolling when she couldn’t remember if she did coupons or Cartwheel first!

At the end of my transaction she said, “You really saved a lot of money with your coupons!” That excited statement made me feel really good because she understood why I was particular about my transaction, and she and I both had good experiences. Try being positive instead of negative with your cashier and relish the results of a smooth transaction!

4 Ways to Teach Your New Cashier About Couponing