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The days of traveling out of your way just to use a specific store’s coupon may be over, my friends. These 27 stores will take competitor coupons and/or match the best price in town.


Grocery Stores

27 Stores That Take Competitor Coupons

1. Winn-Dixie

Although it’s not listed in their coupon policy online, participating Winn-Dixie stores accept competitor coupons.

Most stores have a limit of 10 competitor coupons per day. They accept coupons from competing retailers in their local market area including stores such as Walgreens, CVS, Publix, Dollar General, Family Dollar etc.

Get a list of competitors at the customer service desk.


2. Publix

Publix accepts all types of coupons from nearby competitors — even coupons from competing pharmacies, but for prescriptions only. Each Publix store varies on the competitor coupons it accepts.

Find a list of competitors posted near the customer service desk at every Publix store.


3. Giant

Giant will accept competitors’ coupons for products as long as you’ve met the coupon’s purchase requirements.

Have a coupon that doesn’t specify product size? Giant will only match it for an item they and the competitor carries. And they don’t honor competitor coupons for prescriptions.


4. Bi-Lo

Find a list of competitors whose coupons they’ll match posted at your local Bi-Lo.

They’ll take competitors’ BOGO coupons as well as competitors’ store brand coupons and coupons for money off an entire transaction.

BI-LO won’t match competitor advertised prices, though. The advertised offer must include the word “coupon” in order to be redeemed as a competitor coupon. You’re allowed to redeem 10 competitor coupons per day (one coupon per like item, per day, per customer).


5. Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter‘s management team in each of their stores determines who their competitors are.

They’ll take local competitors’ coupons as long as they’re not from the Internet. They’ll also take circular and direct-mail coupons for money off a total order and even those Catalina coupons that are clearly labeled “Manufacturer’s Coupon” even if they were printed at a competitor’s store.

There’s a limit of one competitor coupon per person, per day.


6. Kroger

Kroger only accepts pharmacy competitor coupons.


7. Fred Meyer

Like Kroger, Fred Meyer only accepts pharmacy competitor coupons.


8. Lowe’s Foods

Lowe’s Foods will take local competitor coupons as long as they’re from a competitor’s circular or direct mail coupons — no Internet coupons. They’ll also take Catalina coupons that print at competitors as long as the Catalina clearly states “Manufacturer Coupon.”

You can only redeem up to 4 competitor coupons per day — only 1 if the coupon is a dollars-off-total offer.


9. Fry’s

Since Fry’s is a Kroger store, they’ll only take pharmacy competitor coupons.



10. King Soopers

Also a Kroger store, King Soopers will only accept pharmacy competitor coupons.


11. Meijer

Meijer only accepts competitor coupons from food retailers and stores like Walmart and Target that offer both general merchandise and apparel under one roof.

They don’t take competitor coupons for beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes, double/triple coupons, percent-off total discounts, gift card promotions, mail-in rebates, and going-out-of-business sales.


Big Box Stores

27 Stores That Take Competitor Coupons

12. Bed Bath & Beyond

(price matching only)

Bed Bath & Beyond will match competitor prices on identical items — but they have to be the same in nearly every way. The model numbers must match.

They’ll also price match direct competitors online, including Amazon.com (but not including third-party marketplace sellers on Amazon). They will not match membership clubs.


13. Walmart

Some Walmart stores will take competitor coupons as long as there’s a specific item and price and it has a valid expiration date. They’ll even take BOGO coupons — again, as long as there’s a specific price indicated.

Better than bringing in an ad to price match, Walmart uses Savings Catcher, an app which will search for lower advertised prices and give you an eGift card for any price differences. Just scan your receipt using the app, and Savings Catcher will do the research for you.


14. Target

(price matching only)

Target will match the price of a competitor as long as the item is identical. They’ll even match select online competitor prices (including Amazon) as long as you can provide proof of the lower price. Price matches may be requested at the time of purchase at any check lane or Guest Services.


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Home Improvement Stores

27 Stores That Take Competitor Coupons

15. Lowe’s

(price matching only)

Lowe’s will match local competitor pricing. Also, if a competitor offers a percent-off discount, Lowe’s will match the final net price the competitor is offering.

They won’t, however, price match installation labor, closeout or clearance prices, special orders, or liquidation items.


16. Home Depot

(price matching only)

Like Lowe’s, Home Depot will match a competitor’s lower price on an identical, in-stock item and beat it by 10%. Just bring the ad, printout, or photo with you to the register for validation. This may involve the associate contacting the competitor.


17. Menards

Menards accepts local competitor coupons as long as the competitor is in the same market (and at the general manager’s discretion). Competitor coupons aren’t valid on sale items, end-of-season discounts, closeouts, or special promotions.


Office Supply Stores

27 Stores That Take Competitor Coupons

18. Office Depot

Office Depot will match competitors’ point-of-sale prices after deducting their competitors’ instant savings/rebates and coupons. They won’t match competitors’ mail-in rebates or deduct the value of any gift-with-purchase offer. They’ll also match Amazon prices as long as the item is identical and not sold through a third party.


19. Office Max

Office Max will match a competitor’s point-of-sale price after deducting their instant savings/rebates and coupons. They won’t match the competitors’ mail-in rebates nor will they deduct the value of any gift with purchase. Like their sister company, Office Depot, they’ll also match Amazon prices as long as the item is identical and not sold through a third party.



Craft Stores

27 Stores That Take Competitor Coupons

20. Jo-Ann Fabrics

Although it’s not listed on their website, Jo-Ann Fabrics does accept competitor coupons.

Call your local store or ask at customer service which stores they consider to be a competitor. My local store accepts Michaels and Hobby Lobby coupons. You can use one competitor coupon and one store coupon per transaction.


21. Michaels

Although it’s not mentioned on their website, Michaels does accept competitor coupons.

Call your local store or ask at customer service. My local store accepts Jo-Ann Fabrics and Hobby Lobby coupons. They do not accept competitor total percentage-off coupons, though. Example: They won’t accept a 10% off total purchase coupon, but will accept a 40%-off-on-one-product coupon. Michaels limits coupon use to one coupon per product per day, and one coupon of each type per transaction per day.


22. A.C. Moore

A.C. Moore will match a single item percent-off coupon with proof in the form of the actual ad or coupon from a direct competitor.

They’ll also match prices for an advertised sale item with a current advertisement presented for the same item, excluding percentage off offers. They won’t, however, match percent-off entire transactions or categories, and they won’t match online shopping prices, either.


Pet Stores

27 Stores That Take Competitor Coupons

23. PetSmart

PetSmart will gladly take physical competitor coupons for exact products as indicated on the coupon (no mobile coupons). If the coupon doesn’t have an expiration date or is missing an expiration date, they won’t take it. The coupon must also have a barcode and cannot be used for live pets.

They’ll even take competitor coupons for dollars/cents off, percent-off offers, free for max item value coupons, and BOGO coupons.


24. Petco

Petco doesn’t have a specific coupon policy, but most stores will take manufacturer coupons. They’ll also price match regular and sale prices at competitor stores and prices found on Petco.com and UnleashedByPetco.com.


Sporting Goods Stores

27 Stores That Take Competitor Coupons

25. Dick’s Sporting Goods

(price matching only)

Found a lower advertised price elsewhere? Dick’s will match the price. The item must be identical (brand and model number) and be available for sale at the local store. You’ll need to bring in the competitor’s ad at the time of purchase.


26. Modell’s Sporting Goods

At Modell’s, you can use competitor coupons as long as the item being purchased meets the coupon’s qualifications exactly (size, quantity, brand, flavor, color, etc.).

You must present your coupon at the time of purchase, and you can only use one coupon per item. The offer from the competitor’s coupon can’t be combined with any other offer.


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26 Stores That Take Competitor Coupons