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Menards 11% Rebate: What to Know and How to Claim It

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If you already love shopping at Menards for home improvement items, then you may have heard about Menards’ 11% rebate program. Just about every single week, Menards has an 11% rebate offer going on, where you get 11% cash back on every purchase, delivered in the form of a rebate check you can use on your next in-store purchase.

But in order to get your Menards rebate, you do need to follow some strict rules and jump through a few hoops — like mailing in an old-school physical form. To ensure you don’t miss out on your next 11% rebate at Menards, we’ve assembled our best tips to get Menards cash back in your hands fast.

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1. Menards 11% rebate is offered just about every week — and it works on nearly everything in the store.

Menards store exterior

On average, Menards offers an 11% rebate just about every week. When I spoke with a Menards store manager in Sioux Falls, he let me know that he doesn’t see this promotion ending anytime soon.

This means you can always get at least 11% off your purchase in the form of cashback using the Menards 11% rebate program. The only exception is if your purchased items are not eligible for the rebate, which we’ll get to in a bit.

Here’s how the Menards rebate process works:

  1. Make an online or in-store purchase during an 11% rebate sale. (Hint: check Menard’s Weekly Ad to see when each sale starts and ends. For example, you might see dates like June 14 – 25.)

  2. Save your receipt — you’ll need the Rebate Receipt that prints at the bottom (it will say something like this: “Rebate #6124 Receipt”).

  3. Pick up a Rebate Form at the customer service counter, or print one from the online Rebate Center.

  4. Mail your Rebate Receipt(s) and Rebate Form to the indicated address. Just make sure your postmark date is before the “Final Mailing Date” printed on your Rebate Receipt. This could be anywhere from 30 to 90 days out.

  5. Allow 6 – 8 weeks to receive your Menards Merchandise Credit in the mail.

TIP: The Menards 11% rebate program is so popular that even Home Depot has started offering an 11% rebate, since they’re a direct competitor of Menards. But the Home Depot 11% rebate works a little differently, and is only valid certain times of the year and at Home Depot locations with a Menards nearby.

2. Unless you used a coupon, even sale items are eligible for the 11% rebate at Menards.

There are some surprising exclusions when it comes to getting that 11% Menards rebate, and one of them is the fact that you can’t use a coupon on an item and get a rebate for it. You gotta pick one.

So if you have a coupon with a discount worth more than 11%, by all means, go ahead and use it. But if your coupon is worth less than 11%, skip the coupon and take advantage of the 11% rebate instead.

Unlike a coupon, the rebate savings won’t be instant, so keep that in mind, too. It can take up to 8 weeks to receive your rebate check in the mail, but if you’re patient, you may end up saving more in the long run.

TIP: Made an online purchase at Menards? Look for the rebate information at the bottom of your confirmation email to use with your rebate form. (Yes, you still have to mail it in even with online purchases.)

3. You can pick up rebate forms in the store or print them out online.

a person looking at the menards rebate on their macbook

One small hoop you have to jump through with the Menards rebate program is being relatively quick with filling out the form. You only have up to three weeks following a rebate window to pick up a form in-store or print one out online.

Once you’ve submitted your form, you can track the status of your rebate on their website.

4. Rebate forms must be submitted the old-fashioned way — by mail and with original receipts.

Menards’ 11% cash back rebate is done via snail mail using envelopes and stamps. Just send your completed rebate form — plus any eligible, original receipts — to this address:

PO Box 99 Elk Mound, WI 54739-0099

Use your best handwriting to make sure everything is legible. I also recommend taking a photo of everything you mail in, just in case your receipts get lost in the mail. Copies of receipts are not allowed, so make sure you’re including the original receipts in your envelope.

Also, be sure to check the deadline listed on your rebate form so that you send it off prior to the postage deadline.

TIP: Paperclips, binder clips, tape, or staples will only slow down your rebate processing. Just stick the rebate form and eligible, original receipts in an envelope to ensure the fastest turnaround time.

5. Look for your Menards rebate check to arrive in the mail within 6 – 8 weeks.

Your rebate check will come back to you via snail mail within 6 – 8 weeks. It may arrive sooner if you’re lucky.

The rebate can be used like cash in-store at any participating Menards location.

Can I use my Menards rebate check online?

At this time, Menards’ rebate checks cannot be used for online purchases. You can only use them in-store, like cash.

6. Use your Menards rebate check on your next 11% rebate purchase to keep the discounts rolling.

A Menards employee scanning items at the checkout lane.

Let’s say you buy a $3,000 refrigerator during an 11% rebate sale. You’ll get a $330 rebate check in the mail that you can use like cash the next time you shop at Menards.

Here’s the trick, though: Plan to spend that rebate check on another 11% rebate purchase. For example, if you use your $330 rebate on a new $320 drill during a rebate sale, you’ll only spend $10 out of pocket. But you’ll also get another 11% rebate when you send in your receipt with a rebate form for the drill purchase.

That’ll take your out-of-pocket price on a $320 drill down to just $8.90, after all the rebates are said and done.

7. Save some hassle (and postage) by sending multiple receipts with one rebate form.

You can actually turn in multiple receipts with each 11% rebate form, as long as all the receipts are from purchases made up to 14 days before that particular rebate period started. You can also submit receipts from purchases made within the rebate sale window itself.

Because the Menards 11% rebate promotion is ongoing, you’ll want to verify that the dates of your receipts line up with the dates on the particular rebate form you’re using.

TIP: If you lost your receipts but have the Menards BIG credit card, just scan your card at the kiosk at the front of the store to reprint your receipts. The BIG card is Menards’ store credit card, which carries its own interest rates. But BIG card holders get an additional 2% rebate on every purchase. If you have a big project coming up and plan to pay off your balance every month, it may be worth it to sign up.

8. Do Menards rebates expire? Yup — but send in your rebate materials anyway.

Rumor has it that even if you mail your rebate form after the deadline has passed, Menards may still honor it and send you the rebate check.

If you do miss the deadline, it may be worth the price of postage to try sending it in anyway. Nothing about this is guaranteed, so always try to get your paperwork in on time.

9. Know the list of ineligible purchases so you don’t waste any postage.

A credit card in a point of sale machine in the checkout lane at Menards with products on the conveyer belt.

Certain purchases just aren’t eligible for Menards’ 11% rebate program — ever. This can be a real bummer if you’ve purchased the items with the hope of receiving that 11% cash back.

Here are the items that aren’t eligible for the Menards 11% rebate:

  • Items purchased with coupons

  • Event tickets

  • Gift cards

  • Merchandise returns

  • Propane

  • Minute Key purchases

  • Delivery and handling charges

  • Rental items

  • Processing fees

  • Packaging charges

  • Extended service agreements

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