If you’re a regular at McDonald’s and/or Burger King, saving money on fast food is about to get a lot easier.

That’s because these rival chains both announced that they’re starting loyalty programs, letting repeat customers earn points that can turn into freebies.

Certain parts of the country are already seeing the new programs, and the rest of us will start using them soon.

Here’s what you need to know:


A new McDonald’s app — with rewards — is already being tested.

Since late 2020, customers in Phoenix, Ariz. have already started using the new MyMcDonald’s app and loyalty program, which lets them earn points with every purchase and spend those points on freebies. They also get personalized deals, and personalized suggestions on what to order, based on their purchase history.

That builds on the current app’s features — mobile orders, mobile payments, and deals.

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Burger King ‘Royalty Perks’ is giving out freebies in five cities already.

Burger King unveiled a loyalty program of their own, called Royalty Perks, which is being tested in L.A., Long Island, Miami, New Jersey, and New York City.

Customers earn 10 “crowns” for every $1 spent. Those crowns are then used to get freebies. In a screenshot from Burger King, they show that a Whopper costs 500 crowns (equivalent to $50 spent), and a Double Whopper or Impossible Whopper costs 850 crowns (earned by spending $85).

Royalty Perks also gives members a free upsize to their drink, fries, or hash browns, every day.


Expect both loyalty programs to be up and running nationwide by the end of the year.

MyMcDonald’s recently expanded into New England, with plans for a nationwide launch later this year.

Burger King says Royalty Perks will grow regionally throughout the year, until all markets are covered by the end of 2021. Additionally, they’re planning to add new features to the program including ways to earn or spend crowns at other businesses.



A McDonald’s (coffee) loyalty program already exists.

McDonald’s has been rewarding customers with free McCafe coffee for years with their digital punch card.

The offer — buy 5 McCafe drinks, get 1 free — is still available via the McDonald’s app.


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Loyalty Programs (& Free Food) Coming to McDonald's & Burger King