In a Walmart vs. Dollar Tree battle, I wondered how Dollar Tree’s prices would compare to Walmart’s everyday low price guarantee if I factored in package size, coupons, and rebates. The answer is a total game-changer in this store smackdown. You can use one manufacturer coupon per item and up to two printable internet coupons per transaction at Dollar Tree, which means you can get name-brand products for just pennies — or better yet, free. But you can also use coupons and rebates at Walmart. So who wins? It all comes down to one tiny, fine-print loophole.

Ok here’s the loophole: If you could use a MFR coupon and a rebate for every brand name item at Dollar Tree, they’d have to change their name to “Dollar Free.” But Dollar Tree knows this. So, many of the brand-name items are sized especially for Dollar Tree, and these weird sizes disqualify them in the fine print of MFR coupons, which almost always state in the fine print that the coupon is valid only on certain sizes. Sneaky, sneaky Dollar Tree.

So, I compared seven popular brands between the two stores to see who wins the name-brand battle for the lowest prices, and Dollar Tree only won two out of seven.

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1. Use a coupon to grab Bic pens and pencils for free at Dollar Tree.

This one is fairly straightforward because Dollar Tree sells Bic pens in the same sizes as anywhere else. They are much cheaper at Dollar Tree than Walmart, plus you can easily find and use Bic MFR coupons for $1 off, making your pens totally free!

Price before coupon:

  • Walmart Bic pens 10 pack – $3.69 ($0.37/pen)
  • Dollar Tree Bic pens 10 pack – $1.00 ($0.10/pen)

Price after coupon:

  • Walmart Bic pens, 10 pack – $2.69 ($0.27/pen)
  • Dollar Tree Bic pens, 10 pack – FREE

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2. Beware the small sizes at Dollar Tree. Buy Clorox bleach at Walmart.

Now we can look at Clorox bleach at Dollar Tree. It’s a weird 11-ounce size you won’t find qualifies for a MFR coupon. Of course it didn’t qualify for a recent MFR $0.50 off coupon for one Clorox product.

The solution: buy bigger sizes at Walmart and save in the long run, especially when you compare cost per ounce.

Price before coupon:

  • Walmart Clorox Bleach, 81 ounces – $4.42 ($0.05/ounce)
  • Dollar Tree Clorox Bleach, 11 ounces – $1.00 ($0.11/ounce)

Price after coupon:

  • 2 Walmart Clorox Bleach bottles, 81 ounces – $7.84 ($0.04/ounce)
  • 2 Dollar Tree Clorox Bleach bottles, 11 ounces – $2.00 ($0.09/ounce)

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3. Pass on Hallmark cards at Dollar Tree and get Ibotta moneymakers at Walmart.

You can’t use Hallmark MFR coupons at Dollar Tree, because the fine print on these always reads that each card must be valued at least $1.97. Hallmark’s Heartline cards at Dollar Tree are 2 for $1, so they disqualify for the coupon. But, at $0.50 a card, this is a smokin’ deal.

You can use the MFR coupon at Walmart, but it still won’t get you down as low as Dollar Tree’s $0.50 a card.

But, we regularly see Ibotta rebates for Hallmark at Walmart (never at Dollar Tree). This is how you make money buying Hallmark at Walmart:

Buy 2 Hallmark Holiday Greeting Cards $0.47, regular price
Pay $0.94, submit for $3.00/2 Hallmark Holiday Cards, Ibotta Rebate
Final Price: $2.06 Moneymaker

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4. Get Oroweat bread at Dollar Tree for $0.20 a loaf with rebates.

Oroweat bread will cost you around $2.98 at Walmart. Even without a coupon or rebate, Dollar Tree wins this one as the same bread is, you guessed it, $1.

Keep an eye on Ibotta and Checkout 51 for Oroweat rebates at Dollar Tree, as they aren’t size specific (a loaf is a loaf). I’ve seen rebates for $0.55 back and $0.25 back on any bread on both apps. Combine those for a $0.20 loaf of bread! That’s Depression Era pricing!

Price before coupon:

  • Walmart Oroweat bread – $2.98
  • Dollar Tree Oroweat bread – $1.00

Price after coupons:

  • Walmart Oroweat bread – $2.18
  • Dollar Tree Oroweat bread – $0.20

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5. Kleenex tissue at Walmart is a win.

So here’s an interesting case. I’ve been seeing a lot of Kleenex bundle pack coupons lately. And, as you’d expect, Dollar Tree doesn’t carry any big packs of Kleenex. It’s the size thing again: smaller sizes at Dollar Tree. When you stack a MFR coupon with a $1/1 Ibotta rebate at Walmart, Walmart wins.

Use one $0.50/1 – Kleenex Facial Tissue Bundle Pack OR (3) Single Boxes/Packs (
Or $0.50/1 – Kleenex Facial Tissue Bundle Pack or (3) Single Packs (
Or $0.50/1 – Kleenex Facial Tissue Bundle Pack or (3) Boxes/Packs (
And submit three $0.50/1 – Kleenex Tissue, Ibotta Rebate (
Pay $3.94, submit for $1.50 in Ibotta credits
Final Price: $0.81 each, when you buy 3

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6. Use coupons on Dial bar soap at Walmart for instant moneymakers.

Walmart’s Dial soap bars already beat out Dollar Tree when it comes to price. Plus, the Walmart coupon policy allows for overages (moneymakers) when your coupon is worth more than the item, and Dollar Tree doesn’t. Factor in a $1 off manufacturer coupon and you should be picking up your soap at Walmart.

Price before coupon:

  • Walmart Dial Basics bar soap, 2-pack – $0.97 ($0.48/bar)
  • Dollar Tree Dial Basics bar soap, 2-pack – $1.00 ($0.50/bar)

Price after coupon:

  • Walmart Dial Basics bar soap, 2-pack – $0.03 Moneymaker
  • Dollar Tree Dial Basics bar soap, 2-pack – FREE

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7. Dollar Tree loses on Dawn dish soap because of their tiny sizes…again.

Dollar Tree only sells Dawn soap in an 8-ounce container. Unfortunately, this disqualifies them from rebate offers like “$0.50 off Dawn soaps 10.1 – 21.6 ounces.” Use a rebate offer at Walmart and save a few cents every ounce.

Price before coupon:

  • Walmart Dawn, 19 ounce – $2.64 ($0.13/ounce)
  • Dollar Tree Dawn, 8 ounce – $1.00 ($0.13/ounce)

Price after coupon:

  • Walmart Dawn, 19 ounce – $2.14 ($0.11/ounce)
  • Dollar Tree Dawn, 8 ounce – $0.75 ($0.13/ounce)

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I could go on and on forever, but had to stop here. If you have any other name brands you can add, let me know in the comments!

What's Cheaper Than Dollar Tree? Using Coupons and Rebates at Walmart.