1. Put a dryer sheet in your pocket to keep bugs away.


2. Prepare a sticky fingers station.

Include wet ones, paper towels, and hand sanitizer.


3. Decorate with painted pineapple crowns.

Use a foam brush and acrylic paint to color the crowns.


4. Use ketchup and mustard to write guests’ burger preferences.

W for well done, M for medium, and R for rare.



5. Have pre-scooped ice cream ready in the freezer.


6. Make watermelon easy to eat with popsicle sticks.

This works with other melon wedges too.


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7. Use a wine glass for a DIY chips and dip bowl.


8. Prevent ice cream from leaking through a cone with a marshmallow.



9. Instead of water balloons, throw sponge balls.

You’ll need two plain sponges per ball. Cut each sponge into 6 long strips and stack 6 strips on top of 6 strips like so:

Place a rubber band tightly around the center of al the pieces, then manually move the pieces to form a star shape.

Fill up a couple buckets with water, soak the sponges, and throw them around for fun on a hot summer day.


10. Use popsicle sticks to label condiments and dips.

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