It’s summertime — bring on the outdoor party ideas! I’ve rounded up my favorite summer party entertaining hacks perfect for families on a budget. They’re easy, cheap, and are sure to wow all your guests because they’re also ridiculously clever.

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1. Skip the insect repellent and put a dryer sheet in your pocket instead.

According to a study done at the University of Illinois and Kansas State, dryer sheets were proven to repel gnats. While the study wasn’t focused on mosquitos, many have found that dryer sheets are annoying to them as well. Most dryer sheets contain linalool, which is a natural mosquito repellent found in lavender, marjoram, coriander, and basil. (Mosquitos aren’t too fond of those plants either.)

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2. Every outdoor party needs a sticky fingers station.

Just think of your air conditioning bill after guests open and shut your door on repeat just to wash their hands. One of the best outdoor party ideas ever is to bring the cleaning station to them.

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3. Painted pineapple crowns are easy (and cheap) outdoor party decorations.

Use a foam brush and acrylic paint to color the crowns. Such an easy outdoor party decoration, right?! Perfect for an island-themed backyard party.


4. Use ketchup and mustard to write guests’ burger preferences.

W for well done, M for medium, and R for rare.

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5. Have pre-scooped ice cream ready in the freezer for your summer party.

It ain’t a summer party without ice cream to cool you down. Skip right to the good stuff by prepping scoops ahead of time.

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6. Make watermelon easy to eat with popsicle sticks.

Watermelon at your next backyard party is a must! Use this hack to keep fingers clean. This works with other melon wedges too.


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7. Use a wine glass for a DIY chips and dip bowl.

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8. Prevent ice cream from leaking through a cone with a marshmallow.

Don’t let leaky ice cream ruin a summer party. Plug the leak with a marshmallow!



9. Instead of water balloons, throw sponge balls.

This is one of my favorite backyard entertainment ideas for kids! You’ll need two plain sponges per ball. Cut each sponge into 6 long strips and stack 6 strips on top of 6 strips like so:

Place a rubber band tightly around the center of all the pieces, then manually move the pieces to form a star shape.

Fill up a couple buckets with water, soak the sponges, and throw them around for fun on a hot summer day.


10. Use popsicle sticks to label condiments and dips at your next outdoor party.


10 Outdoor Party Ideas Perfect for Your Next Summer Party