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Make Joanna Gaines Jealous with These 18 DIY Farmhouse Projects

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Ready to make your own farmhouse decor? Bust out your chalk paint and get ready to repurpose and upcycle all the things. Don’t be surprised if Joanna Gaines starts coming to YOU for inspiration.


1. Create your own blanket ladder and save $150.


This project won’t take up your whole weekend and you can do it for under $20. Normally, these suckers cost $169 at Pottery Barn, so it’s a win for your wallet and your decor.


2. Make some faux shiplap for an accent wall for around $30 and save at least $100!

You can’t have farmhouse decor without shiplap. Don’t pay a contractor $150.00 or more. DIY for just the cost of the paint, which you can get for around $30 a gallon—or less.


3. Upcycle a cutting board into a trendy farmhouse serving tray and save over $110.

You could buy one for around $130.00 — which is kind of crazy considering you can make your own for less than $20.

Follow this tutorial and enjoy a rustic breakfast in bed.


4. Make a reclaimed wood bath caddy and save up to $42.

DIY Farmhouse: Make a reclaimed wood bath caddy and save up to $42.00.

Via Ehow

You can buy bath caddies pretty easily, but they just don’t have that same farmhouse vibe that you get from reclaimed wood. The best part? If you already have the basic materials, then you can do this for free. Get the tutorial here.



5. Repurpose thrift-store pitchers into farmhouse pieces and save at least $15 each.

You can buy a basic farmhouse pitcher for around $25, or you could easily upcycle two or three of these for under $10.


6. Make a rustic utensil holder to save yourself at least $15.

DIY Farmhouse: Make a rustic utensil holder to save yourself at least $15.00.

Via Rustic Glitter

Buy your own wooden utensil holder for $28, or embrace the chalk paint utensil holders for this tutorial. Lucky for you, it dries fast and you can get it for around $10.


7. Make your own magnolia wreath to save over $90.

Is your decor even farmhouse without a magnolia wreath? You can buy one from THE Magnolia Market for $98, or you can follow this tutorial to make your own for under $15. Sorry, Joanna, I know what I’ll be doing.


8. Turn an old rake into a wine glass holder for free.

You could buy this on Etsy for $23, or you could Just remove the handle from an old rake and flip it upside down. It was practically made to hold wine glasses — just like you.


9. DIY your own milk stool to save $15.

This will only take you a few hours, including the time it takes for the paint to dry! You could buy one on Amazon for around $30, or keep it Joanna Gaines friendly and DIY with this tutorial.


10. Spend $30 to buy some shadow box shelves — or just use reclaimed barn wood to DIY for free.

You’ll just need some screws for these versatile little shelves.

We get it if you just feel like buying them. You can order them from Amazon for $30.


11. Upcycle an old recipe holder into functional farmhouse decor and save at least $10.

If you see an old recipe holder (or if you have one on hand) upcycle it with some chalk paint, and have some functional decor in the kitchen for just $5-$10.

Get the full tutorial here.

Or you can always just buy something similar on Amazon for $30.



12. Display your pictures with some pallet picture frames and save at least $30.

Pallet frames are a simple farmhouse accent that you can get for about $15 each on Amazon.

But you can DIY two for less than $10! Get the simple tutorial over here.


13. Age a cheap aluminum planter for a sweet centerpiece.

This is possibly the easiest DIY ever. Even better? You can make this planter for about $2.

You can also shop for something similar at Hobby Lobby for $75 if over-spending is your thing.


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14. Create your own cotton stem display piece to save $10.

DIY Farmhouse: Create your own cotton stem display piece to save $11.00.

Via Little House of Four

Break out the hot glue gun, gather some twigs and pinecones, and buy a bag of cotton balls. You can make these farmhouse cotton stem staples for less than $2.

You can also buy them for $12 if you aren’t feeling crafty.


15. Upcycle some inexpensive wire baskets and save at least $5.

Grab some hammered spray paint and some cheap wire baskets. We recommend you buy these dollar tree wire baskets and put them all over the house for the cost of the paint—which will be around $6. You can also buy a single one on Amazon for $10. Either way, they’re functional and whimsical.


16. Turn an old table into dining room perfection and save (at least!) $250!

This will take a full weekend, but why spend close to $300 for a new table when you can upcycle the one you already have for around $50?


17. Make your own farmhouse kitchen sign and save up to $40.

Depending on the materials you already have, you can do this for around $20.

You can buy something almost exactly the same on Etsy for around $60, but we like to stay crafty.


18. Make a rustic knife holder that won’t take up counter space and save yourself $23 to boot.

DIY Farmhouse: Make a rustic knife holder that won't take up counter space and save yourself $23.00 to boot.

Via eHow

You can easily complete this tutorial with $20 or less, or you can just buy a wooden knife holder on Amazon for $43.


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