If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, you’re probably busy thinking about the menu.

Which means you might be up the night before trying to find easy and cheap DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas.

We got your back!


1. Use a melon baller to hollow apples out and insert tea lights.

Buy all colors of apples for more visual interest. Buy tealight candles at the dollar store or on Amazon.

See full tutorial.


2. String ivy throughout a row of small gourds.

You’ll need small gourds, a string of faux ivy and curling wire vines from a craft store.


3. Use empty beer bottles to create a fall message.

See full tutorial.


4. Fill hurricane vases with popcorn kernels and set candles on top.

You can find hurricane vases, candles and faux leaves at the dollar store.

See full tutorial.


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5. Wrap faux white pumpkins in autumn garland.

You can make this centerpiece using real pumpkins and real bittersweet branches like this tutorial.

Or you can buy faux white pumpkins and autumn garland at the craft store.


6. Cut up colored paper to create a whimsical table runner.

Get colored pads of paper at the dollar store and after you’ve cut them into leaf shapes, ask your kids to write what they’re thankful for.

See full tutorial.


7. Put blackberries, nuts and plums on a plate for an edible centerpiece.


8. Fill mason jars with string LED lights and pinecones.

You can find mini strings of LED lights on Amazon — $5.59 for two strings.

See the full tutorial.



9. Load jars up with candy corn and candles for an easy, no-fuss look.


10. Spray paint glass pedestal bowls white and fill them with faux flowers.


11. Fill any jar or vase with water and branches, then add a floating candle.


12. Scatter small pumpkins, acorns and faux leaves from the dollar store.

You can use faux or real leaves of any kind, candle votives, nuts and more.



13. Glue cinnamon sticks to dollar store candles and wrap them in twine.


14. Wrap pumpkins in branches from the craft store for a chic and rustic look.


15. Cover pumpkins in glitter and remove the tops to insert a candle.

Granted, this will be easier if you use faux pumpkins, but it’s up to you!

See full tutorial.


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15 Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas You Can Make the Day Before