Every year I struggle with finding entertaining gifts for the book lovers in my life. I tend to shy away from giving books because they can be so difficult to choose, but I still like to find gifts that cater to their passion for reading. If you’re looking for a novel gift for the book lover in your life, check out these nine charming gifts:

1. In The Library Scent

If the book lover in your life is on a first name basis with the librarian, it’s probably safe to say that the library is a place that brings them comfort. Why not bring that feeling home by gifting them the scent of a library? In The Library Scent by CB I Hate Perfume, contains notes of English novel, Russian and Moroccan leather bindings, worn cloth and a hint of wood polish—all culminating together to recreate that warm, comforting scent you’ll find amidst the stacks of books in the local library. The In The Library Scent is priced at $13 for the 2ml size and can be purchased at CBIHatePerfumes.com.

In The Library Perfume Absolute, $13.00
Pay $12.71 shipping
Final Price: $25.71

2. Call Me Ishmael Tee

It’s often cited as being the most recognizable opening line in literature and is a favorite amongst fans of classic books. This Moby Dick-inspired tee from RedBubble features that famous line, "Call me Ishmael" scrolled within a large image of a white whale. The Call Me Ishmael Tee is available in several options including regular T-shirt, V-neck and girly fit, and prices start at $22.44 and go up depending on the style.

Ishmael Girly Fit T-shirt, $22.44
Pay $5.38 shipping
Final Price: $27.82

3. eReader cover

Although most book lovers still prefer the feeling of an old-fashioned bound book in their hands, many have come to love the convenience of today’s technology and made the switch to an ereader. If you’re looking to buy for someone that falls into this category, consider gifting them an ereader cover that still has that nostalgic feeling of an old book. Etsy shopRetroGrandma creates ereader covers using classic books such as 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Hardy Boys and The Wizard of Oz. These covers, which measure 5″x7.5″, fit Kindles, Kobos and Nooks and are priced at $25 and up.

eReader and Tablet Sleeve, $25.00
Pay $12.75 shipping
Final Price: $37.75

4. Novel Teas

If the bibliophile in your life loves curling up on the couch with a good book and a cup of tea, consider gifting them a box of Novel Teas. Each box of Novel Teas comes with 25 tea bags that are individually embossed with literary quotes from such classic authors as Mary Louise Alcott, C.S. Lewis and Rita Mae Brown. Priced at $14.95 per box, these English Breakfast Teas can be purchased at Amazon.com.

Novel Teas Box, (reg $17.00) $14.95
Free shipping with Amazon Prime membership
Final Price: As low as $14.95

5. Coaster Set

What better way for a book lover to show off their love of the classics than with literature-inspired pieces around the house. This 8-piece coaster set, featuring classic cover images from novels such as Catch-22, Pride and Prejudice and Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, is a great way to do just that! These water-resistant coasters come in a canvas wrapped "bookcase" and are made to look like pages of a book when stored. The Coaster Set is priced at $20 and is available at OutofPrintClothing.com.

Coaster Set, $20
Free shipping on orders of $50 or more
Final Price: As low as $20

6. Pencey Prep Baseball Cap

Ask any bibliophile to name their favorite books and you’ll likely hear them list the American classic Catcher in the Rye. Help them show off their love for this timeless novel with a Pencey Prep Baseball Cap. This hat is made from 100% brushed cotton canvas and is available in white and khaki. Although Holden Caufield would probably call you a phony for buying this cap, it will surely please any Salinger fan. The Pencey Prep baseball hat is priced at $15.99 and is available at CafePress.

Pencey Prep Baseball Cap, (reg $22.00) $15.99
Pay $6.49 shipping
Final Price: $22.48

7. I Like Big Books Tote

It’s hard to look at this tote bag without bursting into song, but that’s half the fun of this gift! This natural canvas bag is printed with the words "I like big books and I cannot lie" and is perfect for any book lover to carry their hauls out of the library. The I Like Big Books Tote, which is machine washable, is priced at $16.99 and can be purchased at CafePress.

I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie Tote Bag, (reg $22.00) $16.99
Pay $6.49 shipping
Final Price: $23.48

8. Thomas Jefferson Print

As an avid reader himself, Thomas Jefferson famously uttered the words "I cannot live without books"—a sentiment familiar to most book lovers. Help yours show off their passion with this handmade print from Amanda Catherine Designs. This 8.5″x11″ print is available in several color schemes, including this navy and pink option. The I Cannot Live Without Books print is available on Etsy and is priced at $15.

I Cannot Live Without Books Thomas Jefferson Print, $15
Pay $5.50 shipping
Final Price: $20.50

9. Oscar Wilde Money Clip

One of the most loved and quoted authors of all time is the witty and satirical, Oscar Wilde. Consider giving the book lover this whimsical brushed aluminum money clip embossed with his famous words, "Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination." Though perhaps not the most prudent financial advice, the Oscar Wilde Money Clip will make any literary lover chuckle. Priced at $18, the Oscar Wilde money clip can be purchased at Uncommon Goods.

Oscar Wilde Money Clip, $18.00
Pay $4.95 shipping
Final Price: $22.95

9 Novel Gifts for Book Lovers